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The day you first decided to start a career in hospitality probably sticks in your memory. They were exciting times. It was a huge move. A move which many dream of, but not many follow through with.

If you are reading this, you were one of the brave ones. Your determination to provide a great life for your loved ones got you through.

But the picture you painted at the start was quickly dashed when you realised the other side of being a modern day hospitality owner.

Blood, sweat, tears… and for what? Little profit and less time with your loved ones. Enthusiasm soon drains. You feel trapped in a never-ending cycle of early mornings, check-ins, check-outs, cleaning and maintenance. It can feel like Groundhog Day.

I know this story too wellBoostly Harwood Dale

I was five when my mum and dad moved from their little farm holding in Harwood Dale back to Keasbeck Hill Farm (which my Grandad and Grandma owned). It’s a beautiful 200-acre farm, and after my Grandad passed away, it was too much for my Grandma to run on her own.

After the foot and mouth crisis hit the UK, my parents had the foresight of turning the farm into a guesthouse. They opened The Grainary in 1985. It was such an adventure! I loved every second of it.

I would get to meet people from all over the world. So many interesting people and stories that enthralled me as I was growing up.

However, as most of my friends who didn’t venture off to university felt at the age of 20, I got itchy feet. I wanted to see the world. I left the farm in 2002 to explore. After travelling to every corner of the globe, I moved down to London in 2009 and worked in sales and marketing for some of the biggest review companies in the world. It was here that I developed my skill set. I saw how important social media and digital marketing was becoming in the modern world.

Mark Simpson Boostly Soccer Coach

In 2012 after a “family meeting”, my wife, one-year-old son and I moved back to the farm.

My parents were still running the farm, but they were struggling with the new demands of small business marketing. They had always relied on word of mouth and regulars returning… but the landscape had now changed, hospitality owners are now expected to have a marketing degree to survive in this day and age.

After the discussion with my parents, they asked us to come back into the business. They wanted us to help them run it and bring in new blood.

I jumped at the chance; it was a fantastic opportunity for my family and me!

I applied my marketing knowledge to The Grainary, and things began to take off. It was unbelievable – in 18 months, we had achieved a Top 3 position on TripAdvisor, our new direct bookings increased, and our Facebook page was now the highest followed independently owned business in the Scarborough area

We had to bring in more staff, and anyone who has hired staff knows that the more you have, the more drama it creates! Coupled with raising a young child and working with my wife at the same time, it got pretty stressful.

We loved it, though, I’m not going to say it was all rosy (try working with your Mum and Dad 24/7!) but I’m very proud of the work we did at the Grainary.

Mark Simpson ScarboroughFootball Sponsor

However, the experience got me thinking…

There must be thousands of other people in this situation. Other hospitality owners that are expected to be internet marketing experts as well as cope with the day to day demands of this crazy industry.

And so Boostly was born


I created the company to boost direct bookings for hotels, guest houses or self-let properties. I use effective digital marketing methods that produce life-changing results.

We are well aware of the struggles that you face, and we want to help you to break free.

Every month, millions of people use Google to search for a place to stay in the UK.

But where does that business go? That’s right – to hotel chains and online travel agents with substantial marketing budgets.

But let us let you in on a little secret…

There is a way to compete with these large budgets. With our help, independent hospitality businesses (like yourselves) are attracting a more significant proportion of these customers to their property and achieving more heads on beds.

Every Hospitality business is different and has a unique set of challenges to confront. I understand there isn’t a one size fits all approach, so my services are individually tailored towards your needs and to help you reach your goals. These can include:

✅ Increasing your social media traffic, which helps raise awareness of your business for new customers, and encourages repeat business from past customers.

✅ Changes to your website to ensure you are converting the maximum number of visitors into customers. You have a short window to attract the attention of potential buyers and turn them into new customers, so you need to make it count!

✅ The creation of bespoke marketing plans for you. Using my years of experience I know what works for one business, might not work for another. I will sit down with you and create a marketing strategy to help you achieve your goals.

Now is a critical time for hospitality owners.

You can either get left behind and see a decrease in customers, or keep up with the digital world and grow your business like never before.

So let’s do this…💪

Let me show you how to turn lookers into bookers and how to get more heads on beds

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