Bridging The Gap Between Hospitality Owners and Managers

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In the podcast, Liam and Florian explore Dibooq's groundbreaking technology connecting vacation rental owners and managers. They discuss the “Portfolio Boost” feature, enhancing collaboration. Florian addresses the challenge of managing multiple property listings, emphasizing the Owner App's role in sharing availability and managing calendars. He highlights integrated payments through Stripe as a cost-effective alternative to traditional OTA fees. 

The conversation extends to the Agency App, enabling property managers to collaborate, share listings, and potentially expand portfolios through agency-to-agency connections. Florian hints at future developments, including partnerships with affiliates and a blockchain-based common database.

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[00:00:00] Liam: Hey, everybody today we are talking about the best way to connect owners and managers and new ways to do so. I know there's a lot of owners out there who are interested in, uh, you know, meeting more people who are in this kind of space. And today we've got a guest who's coming on and explaining a brand new Uh, peace technology, which, which, uh, they're going to present to us today.

[00:00:21] So if this is your first time here, you're listening to the Bootley podcast. This is the podcast that gives hosts, the tools, the tactics, the training, and most importantly, the confidence for you to go out there and get your direct bookings. My name's Liam Carolan and today we've got Florian at Settler.

[00:00:37] He's the head of sales from a company called Dibooq. And today he's going to present to us this new, uh, this new sort of piece of technology and, uh, really show off what it does. So stick around for the next 20 or 30 minutes. We're going to dive into that and, uh, see what you can learn. So I'm going to say hello, Florian, how are you doing?

[00:00:57] Florian: Hello, Liam. Nice to see you and thank you for the invitation.

A bit about Florian and Dibooq

[00:01:02] Liam: Well, it's great to have you here. So what I'm going to do is throw the mic open. First of all, can you give yourself an introduction, anything you'd like to share? And, uh, of course, introduce Dibooq as well. What, what is Dibooq? Yeah, sure.

[00:01:16] Florian: So, uh, yeah, I jumped into Dibooq last year in August and I was Born in Germany, grew up there, and after school, I started working in the car rental industry.

[00:01:29] So I was almost 10 years in the car rental business, and I worked in Slovakia, and I worked in Vienna, in Austria, and I came back to Germany. So after nine years of a car rental business, I left to, or I changed to Ibiza, so I moved to the Balearic Islands. was living there for five years and got my first experience in, uh, yeah, Airbnb rentals.

[00:01:54] I started with one room in my apartment and then another apartment. After five years in Ibiza, I decided to move to Austria and build my own small vacation rental business. Uh, it was called ActiveStay and I managed four. Uh, for Alpen, Alps, Chalets, Chalets in the Alps in the Austrian mountains and, um, yeah, after two years, I got my web page and a few more listings, which I didn't manage exclusively.

[00:02:26] So then I had a mix between exclusive rentals and not exclusive rentals. And that makes, um, the business, um, very interesting, I think. And, um, after Austria, the next chapter was Mallorca and, um, Yeah, I was working for another brand called Invenio Homes from Ibiza. That's an agent platform for property managers and vacation rental agencies to get access to this platform.

[00:02:52] And I was responsible for Mallorca. After this time in Ibiza and Austria, I managed 100-plus luxury villas for this brand and venue homes. And the problem in this business was and is still the availability of the calendars. And that was the reason why, um, the guys from, from Dybbuk asked me because of the experience, what I brought to help them build up this app called Dybbuk for direct booking.

[00:03:27] And that means that an owner gets an application. This owner can connect with this application with all his contacts build up his network and get the calendars, more or less, synchronized and updated, you know that one owner, for example, can connect to different Property managers, but also to family and friends and regular guests.

[00:03:58] So that's my history. And, um, that's where I am at the moment working as head of sales for Dybock and, um, yeah, it's quite a very, very, um, intense journey. Let's say it because it's, yeah. Let's talk about the challenges and triumphs later.

[00:04:17] Liam: Definitely. Definitely. We'll dive into that. I mean, first of all, it's quite a journey that you've gone on there.

[00:04:23] The problem. You mentioned there, and I've never come across this because, um, I don't manage places which aren't exclusive, but you mentioned there's, you've got exclusive rentals, and you've got the ones which aren't exclusive. So do I take it that those are available from multiple places and you're kind of one of the channels that somebody could book with?

[00:04:43] Is that correct?

[00:04:44] Florian: Exactly. Let me explain how the situation, for example, here in Mallorca or Ibiza is, but also in Mexico or other destinations that um, one owner is working with different or various property managers. So, one villa is listed at, for example, five different property managers on five different websites.

[00:05:05] The owner doesn't inform everyone. of the availability of bookings on the calendar, get a new booking or get a new reservation and didn't or doesn't tell something his network or these agencies. So, the properties appear available on the websites. If Um, you know, we have so many different systems where a property owner can log in, uh, one using a channel manager like, uh, with well known, you know, which ones you can log in and block the calendar.

[00:05:38] The other one is getting a WhatsApp. The other one is getting an Excel cheat. With the calendar and that makes, you know, this is a bit chaotic and we, we solved this problem with one app. So the owner gets one app in his hands and shares the calendar with one app in all directions and everyone is updated in real time.

[00:05:59] Liam: That's cool. I mean, it is something which sounds like, um, you know, as, as a host, you certainly don't want to get any double bookings, but then. At the same time, this reminds me of, I mean, real estate here in the UK, you might list with three or four different agents and there'll be people listening to this.

[00:06:15] We've got listeners in Mexico, Australia, Europe, England, America, you know, like all over. And obviously each, um, each norm is different there. So like you say, in Austria, where multiple people will list with multiple property managers, well, how you bring that all together is, is important, like you say, so.

How are you bringing it all together?

[00:06:36] This is what I'm excited about with Diebook is that it's kind of solving that problem and bringing it all together. What I'd love to know is, how is it doing that? And I know you've got a presentation, so if you're listening to this on the Booshley podcast, in a moment we're gonna see a presentation, we'll be describing what's happening.

[00:06:54] But if not, you can always go across to YouTube, Boostly YouTube, come and subscribe, come and watch us on there as well. And you'll be able to see the visual. And of course, we're also live on Facebook. So if you're watching on Facebook, see the visual, of how this all works. So, um, if you wanted to, uh, take it away with the example and demonstration, that would be cool.

[00:07:14] Florian: Yeah. Let's show

[00:07:15] You our products first. I would say, um, share my screen.

[00:07:23] So can you see it?

[00:07:25] Liam: We can see it all, uh, all.

[00:07:28] Florian: So in this presentation, the main focus is on our latest feature called Portfolio Boost. Portfolio Boost means that we can connect our owners to property managers in different areas. And that's the reason why we named it Vacation Homeless Position has never been so easy.

[00:07:49] Get more listings and book directly. So we are sitting in the same boat.

[00:07:54] Liam: Yeah, we love direct bookings here at Boostly.

[00:07:58] Florian: So who we are, this is Ralf, uh, on the first As our CEO, um, Ralph was, uh, was working as a CEO from Porta Holiday in Porta Mallorquina as one of the biggest real estate companies here in Mallorca.

[00:08:13] And, uh, Porta Holiday was the vacation rental part of Porta Mallorquina, so up to 800 plus properties they managed in this years. And, okay, after this time Ralph changed and, uh, decided, okay, I try to solve this Availability problem on the market and create my system. Um, yeah, that's me, uh, down there.

[00:08:37] Um, sales interest, just 15 years plus in sales and, um, yeah, vacation rental network, I'm calling myself, to be honest. Yeah. And you see our team on the right side, the whole team and developers and. and, and owners and, um, interns. Okay, now we come to our products here on the next page. Um, you see in the middle, the owner app, the owner app, um, has the calendar features, the colour, the owner can share icon links, for example, to property managers, property managers can insert the icons to their webpage to get the calendars, um, updated.

[00:09:18] And on the right side, we see the. The agency app. So the owner has the web, the owner has the mobile app and the agency has the web applications. So that's like a booking calendar. I would show later in another video how the property manager works and how the owner works. So owner works in the owner app, mobile app and the property manager on the computer.

[00:09:45] The owner can invite property managers to share the calendar and also the property manager can invite the owners to collaborate. And the other side the owner can also invite his network like a regular guest for example or family and friends. They can download the app and see directly the calendar and can book directly into the calendar of this owner.

[00:10:14] So it's not necessary anymore to send any words out. and things like that, to know if the property is available. You also can pay. So we have a payment tool with Stripe connected. So, um, that's also an option to get the payment done.

[00:10:32] Liam: So that, um, I mean, that's good. That was going to be one of my questions is, is, is there a way they can pay or is it like a request to book, but of course it's so important to have linked to a way for them to be able to pay.

[00:10:42] So they've got that certainty then that they can book direct.

[00:10:45] Florian: That's why it's much cheaper than with Airbnb for example. You know, we are, we we we charge 2 per cent and instead of, you know how much it is, now 15, 18 per cent or more. The OTAs. So, for the next one, we are working on an agency-to-agency relationship.

[00:11:03] It's like cross-selling, sharing properties. An agency app allows one to share a property from one property manager to another property manager within Diver. We do this with an IPI connection so we don't have to use always the same system and it's flexible. We are more into sharing properties later with affiliate partners.

[00:11:27] Um, let's do a magazine, let's do an airline, let's do an e-travel agency, whatever. So this is going to be a very interesting field. What's coming next?

Brings the software together

[00:11:38] Liam: On that one, Florian, the Question I'd have just so we've got this right for the people listening is that if I'm a property manager and I use this software, whatever is X software X and the next a the property manager use a software Y this product will bring the two together.

[00:11:58] Is that right?

[00:12:00] Florian: Yeah, this would be the next step. So, if we have a property manager, uh, property manager A wants to connect, for example, to another, uh, provider, travel agency. So, we are working on a, common basis, on a standard. The base for every part. Like, um, that's, uh, also, uh, we are working, uh, on the blockchain thing with, um, like Camino Network.

[00:12:31] Maybe you heard of it? Yes, yes. We are partners already with them and, uh, try to come create something like a common database to make this. Possible. More info I can't share at the moment about this.

[00:12:50] Liam: Okay. We

[00:12:51] Florian: continue with some numbers. So at the moment, it's quite impressive that we get, um, more or less 400 new installs every month app installs from owners.

[00:13:04] That's, uh, that shows we have almost 3000, actually today, 2, 950, something like this. And, um, on the right side, we have, uh, 2, 700 plus real estate in the app already. We have plus 160 property managers via agencies, uh, registered. We have more than 1, 140 tenants. That means, uh, a network of owners. They are invited and processed already with bookings and reservations.

[00:13:39] And we are in plus 60 countries worldwide

[00:13:44] Liam: with our users. That's cool. So wherever people are listening to this in the world, if this kind of service interests them, they'd be able to, you know, it should be possible to connect. Is that right?

[00:13:55] Florian: Exactly. Yeah. So we are, we have three languages at the moment. Uh, we are in German, English and Spanish.

[00:14:03] Yeah. Okay. Now to our, uh, portfolio boost, easy extend your vacation rental portfolio. If you are a property manager, this is, uh, probably very interesting for you and we are very proud to, to bring, to bring this tool on the market with, uh, Daibo. So I think we are the only app that can connect, um, property owners to property managers in a way as I show on the next page.

[00:14:36] How to benefit the mobile app view. So this is the mobile app view. I will show you later in the video how this process works. So we, um, show in the app premium channels, and get more bookings. That means an owner can connect with property managers in their area. So we have different property managers in Gran Canaria, as in Ibiza, for example.

[00:14:59] We have the leading companies, as you can see in the middle. In the middle, like Homerti and Finca or Luxury Hideaway, they are very big companies. Ibiza selected one of the most serious players in Ibiza as well. And the owner also can connect to other agencies, property managers, family members, friends and regular guests.

[00:15:21] So with one click, sending an email out, he invites the other person to download the app and share the calendar. And just,

[00:15:31] Liam: just to jump in there. So this is for me, I've just bought a villa in Ibiza. You know, for instance, I haven't, that'd be very nice if I had, but, um, I don't know who I'm going to have managed it.

[00:15:42] I can't manage it from, from this distance. It's just something which I don't want to do. I'm looking for a property manager. So I'd go on to this section, go to the, um, premium channels and I'd find the option there or the agencies. Is that right? Exactly.

[00:15:57] Florian: Then you can connect to all of them, or you can connect just with one, two, three, whatever you want.

[00:16:03] And, uh, with learn more, you see the short description here on the right side. We have a short description of every property manager you want to know, okay, is this a luxury business or is this a normal, um, house or apartment? Uh, a property manager that helps, that helps, um, property owners to know, um, with who I'm

[00:16:25] Liam: connecting to.

[00:16:27] And just, just on that, cause a lot of our audience are going to be property managers, uh, themselves or, or hosts at least say they are a property manager in these locations in, in some of these locations, can they get in touch and, and, you know, use this themselves?

[00:16:45] Florian: You mean the property manager using the app or?

[00:16:50] Liam: Yeah. So for instance, this is to connect the, um, the owners to the property managers in that area. If there are property managers who are listening to this thinking, well, this is great. I'd love more owners. Can they, you know, is there a way for them to get vetted and listed at 0:17:07] Florian: Yeah, of course. That's my job every day to contact property managers.

[00:17:11] I have 900 plus on my list and I'm calling every day and I hope that it's not easy to understand directly for them what we do because there's a tool that doesn't exist so far on the market and it's, it's, it needs time to explain. And, um, of course, now we get, uh, we are in the peak season. Um, I have to select, uh, destinations, maybe probably, uh, like South Africa, for example, where it's not the main season where I'm contacting now and they are open.

[00:17:43] They are open. Every property manager who wants to grow the portfolio is open to this. And that's, to get more property managers into our list in the app. And it's a perfect tool, to get more properties, uh, in a, in a good way or a smart.

[00:18:00] Liam: And while we're on that subject, I mean, where are you looking for these?

Is it worldwide?

[00:18:04] Is it worldwide? Cause you could be, you know, you could have a lot of people reaching out, but are there particular places, particular criteria? Have they got to manage so many homes, you know, what is the kind of, um, who's the person that would be best to, to be thinking about this?

[00:18:22] Florian: Um, yeah, the property manager, to be honest, the property manager wants to grow their portfolio, get more bookings, and make more money.

[00:18:30] I think that's the that's the three points most, uh, important for property managers, uh, to grow. And, uh, I think these people. From five properties up to 500 or more. We have property managers here in with a 1, 000, the biggest one, uh, think yoga or the list as well, our new partner, our latest partner is the biggest property manager, the leader in Spain with more than, uh, 1, 700 properties.

[00:19:03] Like, uh, and now they want to open a market like the Canary Islands. And I came exactly in the right moment. Uh, I talked to them and I said, we open the Canary Islands perfectly coming in the right time because we want to grow there. So I think that's a good option for them. And the best thing is it costs nothing from the beginning.

[00:19:25] You know, we show the property managers for free in our app. It's not a billboard hanging out of the road, you know like other property managers doing, so you get the property owners. It's not anyone who crossed the billboard. That's the owner getting the promotion of you, uh, in the app showed in a, in a, with.

[00:19:44] With, uh, information before I show you later that we have a banner to show how to connect and animate the owners to connect to property managers, you know, not to go to OTAs. We go to the people who know the market on the, in the area, like it's not Airbnb, you know, we have always the contact person, the people coming to you, looking the house.

[00:20:06] And selling your house after, and if you have some problems, there is someone who manages this problem, you know,

[00:20:12] Liam: yeah, that's cool. That's cool. I know there'll be people who are listening to this very excited about that prospect. Especially if they're looking to grow. That's a great thing.

[00:20:22] Florian: Yeah. So, any questions after?

[00:20:26] Liam: Sorry, I'll try and hold off. I'll hold them to the end.

[00:20:30] Florian: Liam, uh, pricing. So, I said it's for free at the beginning, but of course, we also have to earn money even if it's only a bit, you know, with 75 euros per connection we start. So, um, if you as property manager get an invitation or connection of an owner, we charge at the end of the month the rate that you offered us.

[00:20:54] For every month, you can give another offer. So we starting with 75 euros. And the property manager, like in this way, for example, Luxury Hideaway, uh, we are very transparent. I can tell numbers. They pay 160 euros per invitation to a house. Other property managers pay 400 euros for one owner connection here on the island of Mallorca.

[00:21:18] So it's always depending on the market price, what the people or what the property managers are willing to pay for a property. And, uh, we cannot Uh, guarantee that the property will be a luxury property, but that's the reason why we charge only 75 euros or 100 or 150 because we can say the experience what we have after more than 50 connections already in the short term, like in two and a half, three, two and a half months, we have more than 50 connections to property managers.

[00:21:54] So we see this is working on this place. And, um, every third, every third connection, more or less, uh, brings you a property what you expect and what you can contract and show on your web page. Yeah. So this is the pricing, quite, uh, quite, um, quite easy to handle. And I

[00:22:19] think

[00:22:19] Florian: that's a fair price to get.

[00:22:21] Uh, this, uh, free promotion in our app, plus the amount for every connection to the owner. And later, okay, we are, we are working on, on the booking interface and we will, we will qualify the quality of the property then to get to, you know, to promise the property managers more, okay, this one, uh, wants only a luxury villa, the other one wants apartments, then we are able maybe in three, four, five months.

[00:22:52] To say, okay, now we can, we can do a quality check before, but then we have to raise the price. Of course.

[00:23:01] Liam: Just on that. I know I said no more questions, but just on that. So the property manager is paying for each lead on the new properties that come into them per month. Um, and it's a case of, um, you know, if you want more properties, then, you know, it's going to cost a little bit more, but you're growing your portfolio.

[00:23:18] So you've got more chance to take bookings and make your commission back on that. That's, that's the that's how it works for everyone. Am I right in thinking that? Yeah.

[00:23:26] Florian: 100%. Cool. So then, yeah, that's the presentation here. Our team again and I would say we jump directly into a process, into a live process, what I recorded before, um, to show you how this process works for both sides, for owners and property managers.

[00:23:45] Okay. That's

[00:23:46] Liam: cool. And just before we do that, so obviously we've, we've seen, we've kind out what it does and how it solves these issues. Uh, what Florian's now showing us is, is an on-screen app of what it looks like on somebody's phone. So again, you can go across to YouTube, but, um, well, we'll be talking through how it looks and, and, um, you know, any, anything you need to know if you're listening to this on the audio.

[00:24:11] Florian: Okay, perfect. Here we go. So that's the screen of the owner app, you know, and the owner locks in and arrives here in the to-do centre. You'll see the banner, um, more bookings with premium channels with this banner. I'll show you later. You get directly to the features of the premium channels. Okay. On the right side, you see then the information, um, the bookings you entered the reservations you have as, um, owner in the app.

[00:24:41] Then we jump down to the calendar section. Um, yeah. Then you see I stop short. You see the calendar here. You see the villa or the house that you listed. One owner can also have two, three, or four properties. You can put all, you can add all, all properties in our app. Um, with a click on the booking, you see the booking details.

[00:25:07] Okay. Arrival, departure date, um, money and house. And with this button, you can add some occupancies like this as an option. For example, the booking of the owner occupancy or not available. The option is quite interesting because it's a it's a feature. If you have a request, for example, and the client. tells you, can you reserve the house for one day or two days, please?

[00:25:33] Can you block the calendar? Yes, we can do this with the option because the option automatically, um, deletes, um, after 48 or 72 hours. You decide at which time, and in which period this option leads. And we try to put an option now. So we add an option, uh, the process like this arrival date, time and departure date, time, the period you add,

[00:26:05] See the calendar, scroll down and put in the guest data.

[00:26:13] number of people, so adults and children.

[00:26:19] Liam: It's all very smooth, isn't it? The whole process is, is very smooth.

[00:26:23] Florian: Yeah. That's the income. Next, what you earn as owner, in this case, you can add some additional notes, like a flight number or whatever, or some, some, some needs of guests. Now, you see the option and the booking here in the calendar.

[00:26:44] So this is interesting. The booking is in blue and the option is always in orange. That means if one property manager or, or if you have connected three property managers, they can see in their web app that, uh, orange is an option and can, uh, be deleted in this time. If you open the option, there's a time, uh, running down until the option is deleted again.

[00:27:06] Liam: So when we talk about options, these are where one property manager has offered it to a guest as an op is an option. Is that, is that right? Exactly.

[00:27:16] Florian: So we call it option. Can you make me an option? Like, okay, I reserved the house for 48 hours, for example. In the daily business, Liam is. That, um, you have a request and the requests of an agent, for example, uh, say, okay, please reserve the house and then you reserve the house, but you don't get feedback, you know, you have always asked if this reservation is coming or not.

[00:27:39] And he would be okay. Um, this is 48 hours. And then my calendar is. free to book, uh, and open to book again. So I don't have to worry about, um, forgetting to open the

[00:27:49] Liam: calendar again. And the cool thing about that is, of course, if you're another property manager, you can see how long they've gone and go, Hey, we can tell you by this day, if it's available and you know, we'll come back to you either way on that day.

[00:28:01] So, okay. I get it. That's very cool.

[00:28:04] Florian: Okay. So this option, you can also change into a booking. So if, uh, I will, I will show you later how we do this. And, uh, we go to approvals, uh, with the blue button here. You can connect yourself to or share your calendar with the premium channels, what we talked about before I showed you in the presentation, is how this works.

[00:28:29] They don't have channels, agencies, family members, friends, or regular guests.

[00:28:34] Liam: So these are for people who have got regular guests who just want an easy way to book instead of those regular guests, getting back to Airbnb or one of the agencies, they can just go straight to this. They've now got an app where they can instantly see how they know the price or is it just a request on those dates?

[00:28:51] Yeah,

[00:28:51] Florian: that's the next one. I think in two weeks we launched the booking interface with prices, with more amenities, with a description, with more photos. So we have more or less than, uh, a full PMS, which the client can book with classes. So it's going to be fantastic.

[00:29:12] We go to profile. There you have, uh, all your, um, details, your property management, your connection to the payment provider and, uh, conditions. You can change your profile. You can change the pictures you can change. Things like that. Okay. We go back to the news centre and we try to connect, press partner Twitter to the, um, premium channels to our agencies in your area.

[00:29:41] So then you can select all, or you can select, um, various ones that learn more. You see the short description like I showed before in the pdf d f, and with click connect. Now, the owner connects. to the property manager in the area. Then you have to note your telephone number that the property manager is getting the true telephone number and connect directly or contact them via mail or telephone is the owner.

[00:30:13] Okay, you select your property and complete the invitation by pressing the button. That's it. Contact request successfully sent. Then we go here to the booking manager. The booking manager is used by the property manager. Okay. And this process, I show you how the property manager will accept this connection of his owner.

[00:30:38] Okay. On the left side, we see the menu, calendar, contacts, and notification centre. Um, after logging in the property manager arrives in the notification centre, and then you will see the occupancies and approvals. Under approvals, you have also this red point that looks like a notification. You see over there someone wants to connect to you.

[00:31:01] Okay, then this owner we had before in the app and you see this on the first line and the status you see as well. This is pending so you have to accept. This invitation of the owner with clicking to accept, you accepted the property owner and the, uh, the property and here in the calendar, or I jumped very fast, but you see now we are in the calendar overview and on the first stage, you see beauty villa.

[00:31:31] That's the house, but we shared before what the property owner shared with his property manager. And, um, you see, I'm maybe, can you see it? The blue lizard on the corner here is property. That means that the owner accepts direct bookings. So you can book directly into the calendar as a property manager.

[00:31:50] Liam: Cool. And anybody would be mad not to have the blue lizard and not accept direct bookings?

[00:31:56] Florian: You know, this feature will allow us to book directly into the owner's calendar. Imagine, uh, a client of Eurowings or Lufthansa or other airlines, uh, would, uh, and that's our target. The book, uh, over, over the connection, the property manager into the calendar of a property owner, you know, this is not possible still.

[00:32:21] Or do you, do you, do you see any instant bookings? If you, if you, if you watch how many instant bookings deliver Airbnb less than 50%, you know, uh, that's quite sad and minus 5 per cent in the luxury business. Okay, we go into the calendar, the booking, and the option. You see the option here in the calendar, what we added before, and with clicking the booking, you see the information, like the details, the check-in date, the check-out date, you see the owner name and the calendar.

[00:32:54] At the time of the checkout.

[00:32:59] Um, but to tell more, you see the blockchain button with coming, what comes in future.

[00:33:06] Liam: And what we're seeing here really is very similar to a, um, to a PMS basically at the moment, isn't it? It is, is the PMS part of, Dibooq, isn't it? This part. So what I understand from this is that you've got multiple threads to the bow.

[00:33:21] Basically, you've got the, you've got the owner. And the owner's benefit is he's got all these property managers on tap. You know, we can go and find out these, these property managers, the property managers benefit is that he'll get properties that he probably wouldn't have got otherwise just by being in this market.

Who are the direct bookings going to?

[00:33:37] Yes. He has to pay, but ultimately, um, you get access to grow the portfolio and therefore access to more bookings as well. And also the, um. When we're talking about these direct bookings, are these direct bookings going directly to just the owner or are these direct bookings going to the property manager who is getting these, these direct bookings in this instance?

[00:33:59] Florian: No, here we see the option of the owner, what he added before this option. And if, when the owner transports or transfers this option into a booking, you'll see this next. This booking, you know, you see the name, for example, the name of guests, you see, if you as a property manager, you edit the booking, you see all the information.

[00:34:22] But you don't see any book in details of owners like names because of data protection of other property managers. You see the calendar, you know, if, if three property managers are working in the same house, like this beauty villa, for example, you are always in real-time updated if, if the, if the owner deletes the reservation, it's, it will be deleted in your calendar as well.

[00:34:45] So, that's a that's a live, uh, calendar platform for all people, uh, using this app and this property. Not easy to understand. I know. Yeah.

[00:34:55] Liam: Yeah. It's, it's because it's so new, it's just getting their head around it. So, yeah. Just as another, for instance, that I'm the property manager, I've got a book and via, however, I take bookings, I can then go in there and block, you know, or, or I've taken that book and I block that or put the option on and sell it to mine, my guest.

[00:35:13] However, um, obviously the owner could also be taking bookings and other agents, if they're connected, could be taking bookings the one, um, how do property managers protect? Cause they're paying for that connection per month. Are they paying for that connection no matter what? Is that, is that just the, is that the rub?

[00:35:38] Florian: You mean if this property is real? Yeah,

[00:35:42] Liam: so for instance, I'm a property manager, I've connected into this and I've got the, um, we've, we've had a book and come through on, on however we, we get bookends, you know, that is. I take it that what we'd need to do as the property manager is go into this Yeah, and, you know, take that book which is great because we then get commission on the property that we wouldn't have had before.

[00:36:06] But is there not a, um, is there not a worry that the owner will just block an entire, you know, take all the direct bookings or the, um, or other. Other agencies are sorry. Other property managers could just block them for entire months. Is that is there any as a property manager? Because I'm thinking like a lot of the audience listen to this.

[00:36:25] Um, is there anything to protect us against that? Do we pay anyway, even if, is, say, blocked out by the owner for the month? Um,

[00:36:36] Florian: normally, um, you accept the conditions, um, by accepting, uh, properties or by accepting working with DIVOC or register at DIVOC, you always to go to, to accept the conditions and that's like a, like a contract.

[00:36:53] Um, you are never, you can, you are never safe if, if an owner accepts in booking and doesn't inform you or doesn't, uh, put or add the, the, the booking into the calendar, you are always, you have always a problem. It doesn't matter, which system you use. So it's, it always depends on the owner. Of course.

[00:37:11] So, uh, I would say, um, Bad luck in this case, but you're never safe of these of these things in the business.

[00:37:22] Liam: But at least this gives you a way to visualize and see what's happening and connects all the people. And ultimately, you wouldn't get more properties if it wasn't for the market. A place like this.

[00:37:34] So, um, I get what you're trying to do and that is, um, it's very admirable to see that. I'll let you carry on because I'm conscious of time.

[00:37:45] Florian: By clicking off the property, you'll see the property details again, like the name and the address. So you have always the address in the system. You know, you can control always whether this property exists or not. Also, you have always contact with the owner. So then I show you our magic moment, how the owner gets informed with a push notification if the property manager changes something in the tenant.

[00:38:12] So this property manager is now adding a new booking on the right side in the booking manager. And on the left side, you see the application of its owner. We try to show both sides on one screen now. So you're getting the dates here, you're putting the dates in. Um, this is the revenue for the owner, how much the owner gets.

[00:38:40] With confirm, you confirm the booking and you see on the left side now in the mobile app, coming a push notification with this new booking. By clicking the booking, you see the booking details.

[00:39:00] That's the booking process from property manager to owner. And now we, um, try to transform this option, what we created before you see in the calendar on the left side, we have this option you see, um, and we will change this option into a booking. Now open the option and change. To book you'll see the calendar of the property manager.

[00:39:24] Now this option changing from orange to blue, and now we get the booking done just to show you how this communicates these two tools.

[00:39:36] Liam: So it's instantaneous basically, which is, which is very cool. Exactly.

[00:39:40] Florian: Yeah. And then on the right side, you see the context again, contact lists, uh, the language contact status and, um, or invited means.

[00:39:51] That this, uh, owner still hasn't accepted your invitation as property manager confirming confirmed means, okay, this is confirmed and we are connected

The benefit

[00:40:01] Liam: so I can see the benefit especially if you're in one of these places where you've got, um, you know, multiple, multiple, uh, different property, uh, Managers and multiple, multiple people trying to book the same, the same property.

[00:40:17] I can imagine it's a nightmare in terms of the calendar and that side of things. Um, Florian, I've lost your visual on the, um, the left-hand side, but it's not a problem. Just double-checking. You can still hear me. Yeah.

[00:40:30] Florian: Yeah. I hear you on the lights because now it's started already.

[00:40:32] Liam: Yeah. Um, so when it comes down to the, um when it comes down to the Product itself.

[00:40:40] What does the future look like for Dibooq

[00:40:43] Florian: future? Like I said before, we are looking forward to connecting more parts of the industry, not only property managers can rent out vacation rentals or short-term rentals. Also, we want that, um, travel agencies or other maybe. Yeah. Airlines. Airlines because

[00:41:08] Liam: When somebody can book on an airline and then book direct. I mean, this is going to be a game-changer. We're seeing lots of things with AI, you know, new cool tools like this. There are lots of ways for guests to book directly and as property managers, we want more of that, don't we? So I respect what you guys at Diabook are trying to do.

[00:41:26] So I know it's been a fairly long one. Uh, just before we wrap things up and find out a little bit more about how we can get in touch with you guys, uh, just a couple of fun questions for yourself. Uh, Florian, what do you do for fun and who do you like to hang out with?

[00:41:42] Florian: What I do for fun. So, I climbed up the mountain with my mountain bike.

[00:41:47] Oh, nice. Nice. Uh, that's what I love to do to get the head free. Like, because imagine what we do all day thinking about this process. It's unbelievable what the developers are doing. And that's the big challenge for me waiting. waiting, waiting until the functions are coming, finally, you know, and, uh, so it's very interesting to work on this, uh, in the SAAS industry, short term, uh, like a passion, I say, so I like to, to do, um, Rentals.

[00:42:20] So I'm always, uh, I've always worked in rentals and rentals is my passion. And what I do in my free time more is, uh, yeah, hanging out with friends and doing activities. That's another thing after COVID or with COVID, you know, the activity thing. So not only, not only booking accommodations, so we need to offer more.

[00:42:41] The guests. We, we need to, to connect to adventure providers or boat trips, like, um, of course, these are the number one, uh, boat trip to Formentera like this, and that makes guests happy.

[00:42:56] Liam: Absolutely. Love, uh, Formentera. One of the most beautiful places I've ever gone snorkelling. Uh, absolutely. Um, And just, uh, lastly, what would be your top tip for the host?

[00:43:06] You mentioned you've had, um, you know, ski chalets in the, in the Alps. Um, what would be your top tip for everybody listening as a host? One of the things that you go, well, do you know what, this in hospitality is something which everybody should, should be considering. My top tip,

[00:43:20] Florian: uh, as well for hosts and also for guests, please, uh, go and book directly.

[00:43:31] Liam: I like it. So how can we get in touch, with Dyebook? What's the best way to come and follow you guys?

[00:43:40] Florian: Um, like everyone, we are in all platforms, um, present. So, uh, www. divebook. com or LinkedIn, you find us, uh, Instagram, Facebook, and, uh, YouTube. Of course.

[00:43:55] Liam: Well, we'll share the links for the socials around the podcast or however you're watching this on the YouTube channel.

[00:44:01] Um, it is a diebook, which D I B O O Q dot com. So, um, if you listen to this on the podcast, you can go and check them out. Thank you so much for your time today. I know we've, uh, it's been a fairly long one. But thank you for sharing the demo. And ultimately I'm sure there's a lot of excited, uh, property managers, as well as owners out there who are looking forward to this kind of connectivity and, and bringing the world together and all this future tech allowing people to, uh, to book direct.

[00:44:28] So thank you so much. Um. Thank you too. If you listen to this on the Bo Brucely podcast, I know there are so many places you can put your attention into time, and I thank you for putting it with us today. Um, this is it for this episode of the Brucely Podcast. We'll, uh, see you on the next one. Thanks very much and bye for now.

[00:44:44] Florian: Thank you, Liam.

[00:44:46] Liam: Thank you, Florian. Having a blast. Gonna get it on the Boostly podcast, Bruce Lee. Let Bruce Lee 'cause it's so hard on the tee's. Loosely picking up those rhymes. Don't write it, just do it loosely.