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Why you’re overpaying for a hotel when you book via Booking com

You have probably read a lot of articles and options on where to book a hotel for your travel requirements. This includes third-party websites like that are all wanting your money. We know that the price and value of a hotel matter to you! That's why this article will tell you how you are overpaying for a hotel.

Why you're overpaying for a hotel when you book via Booking com

Price Parity Agreements

Roomkey blog discussed this really well in their article How Hotel Pricing Really Works. The article states, “Nearly all hotel companies have rate parity clauses in their agreements with third parties who sell rooms on their behalf like Travelocity, Orbitz, etc. These clauses say that each party agrees not to publicly sell a lower price than the other—forcing the online travel agency (OTA) to sell the same rate as the hotel.”

How OTAs overcharge

Nicole of myBeautyCravings shared in her blog an article on how she was overpaying Agoda for her hotel booking. It wasn't easy to see how OTAs like overcharge but you have to be very careful in checking your payment details.

OTAs are the comfort zones of property owners

We Are Noetic blog discusses in their article about how hotels have put OTAs in a big box they are in now. Because of this, property owners have come to a notion that all they need to get bookings is to pay commissions to an OTA, which in turn was paid by their guests.

Direct booking is still the best

Which? Travel shared a tip on how to get the real best rate from a property. Because contacting a property directly through phone or email and booking direct is still the best way to get a deal.

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