Marketing Strategy


We at Boostly, the leading Hospitality Marketing Agency owe our success to only one thing – and that is the real, significant results we generated for our clientele in the past and still continue to.


It doesn’t matter whether you wish to boost occupancy, enhance your brand awareness or beat the competition; we have all the skills and tools to help you navigate the online hospitality industry landscape effortlessly.


Strategic thinking by the experts


The difference between and a planner and a doer stems from strategic thinking. We don’t just plan. We strategise keeping in mind the bigger picture. We are big on sustainability and so our strategies are sure to survive and thrive in the ever-changing marketing landscape. With the most creative minds at work, our hotel digital marketing experts promise nothing but the finest hospitality marketing solutions that are sure to work wonders.



Leading Hospitality Marketing Agency

Content Strategy


You know what they say – “Content is king”. And, rightly so! How else do you communicate with your audience about why you’re the best in business, what all you have to offer, and why should they choose you?


It’s the compelling words be it video led or image-led, that will tell your audiences your business story and keep them coming. That’s where we come in!




No points for guessing, this is the content that goes on to your website. At Boostly, the finest hotel marketing agency, we don’t just come up with fancy words. We aim for cleverly constructed and well-researched words for an engaging read. Over the years we have mastered the art of conveying business messages in the most articulate and captivating manner.

When it comes to a content strategy which is a big part of hospitality marketing services, we take all the factors such as the right keywords density, ideal text placement, overall layout etc. into consideration all of which are necessary for high rankings.

Boostly Marketing Agency that will have a great impact on your hospitality business


Wondering how to go about crafting beautiful magazines, alluring postcards, or a glossy magazine?


At Boostly, we know that simply having a dazzling design is not enough. If your content doesn’t match up with the quality of design, you will lose people’s attention – the most precious commodity today.


At Boostly, we take time to understand your content needs, goals that you want to convey so we can offer the best guidance.

Boostly Mark Simpson with Farm Stay members in June 2018Success Workshops


Boostly does more than just marketing. It also aids businesses in goal setting by helping them define success in real measurable terms all the while laying down a series of concrete steps to realise their business goals.


This is what a Boostly Workshop looks like 



Bringing ideas to life by putting them into motion


Boostly offers valuable insight into all business areas including search engine performance, finest web marketing practices, bookability, SEO aspect, the effectiveness of e-mail marketing, revenue strategy, etc. Once you have gained clarity of what is it that you want to achieve, you can align all your efforts in the pursuit of that goal.


Digital Marketing


Promising measurably effective results



If you know anything about the digital landscape, you would know that everything is constantly changing. Things are cut-throat when it comes to outdoing competitors to secure higher rankings. At Boostly we deploy a perfect blend of industry knowledge, skills, and experience to bring a great result for our clients.





Whether you’re thinking cutting-edge social media presence, paid searches via PPC, or quick conversion boost via social media marketing for hotels, we do it all. We also know that no two businesses are the same. Everyone has a unique set of requirements which is why our approach is unique too.


Over the time, Boostly has successfully helped countless establishments in the industry secure higher rankings in Google.


Take a quick look at what all services we offer –


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If you desire the quickest results, hotel Pay Per Click advertising is for you. Let us bid on the most profitable search terms that best define your business to get it recognised by customers and have them visit your site repeatedly.

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From facebook campaigns to appealing Instagram posts, Boostly sure knows how to stay in the ‘IN’ when it comes to social media presence, its know-how such as what constitutes engaging content, and the art of keeping people hooked.

We handle email campaigns to secure maximum outreach and grab customer details for laser-sharp targeting.

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Be it viral infographics, shareable blogs, or an ad copy, we make it our business to make sure it’s shared among your customers.

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Wondering how the users are interacting with your brand online? Are there any patterns you could use to your advantage? Well, analytics will tell you that. We will track every online happening so you know which users are the potential goldmine for you.

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Keep track of what your guests are saying about your brand across all the leading review websites such as Yelp. Allow us to keep the best reviews on the top to maintain a solid reputation of your brand online.

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PAID ADVERTISING (Thoughtfully devised campaigns)

The fastest and the most controlled way of getting your site to appear in front of relevant customers is via Hotel PPC online marketing. By combining carefully researched keywords along with razor-sharp audience targeting, we manage all paid campaigns like a pro for highest returns on investment.




We are a team of prodigious hospitality marketers who know what works best when it comes to paid marketing and what does not. Our job is to get the maximum bang out of your bucks.


With the cut-throat competition in the hospitality industry where the OTAs are consistently bidding on the top hospitality terms, there’s always a chance of losing out on valuable traffic; even for your brand specific searches. But, don’t worry. At Boostly, we know how to make PPC work wonders whether you wish to promote a recent offer, improve searches for a limited period, or simply give your branding a boost.


Here’s a breakdown of our Paid Marketing components –


PPC strategy


Boostly works alongside its clients to make sure whether or not PPC advertising is right for them and also come up with a campaign that meets their objectives.




Keywords are the lifeline of a successful PPC campaign. To that end, we pick only the most relevant and profitable keywords so there are no leakages in terms of the money spent on advertising.


Ad copywriting


We write ads that convert. We know how to use the right words at the right time to capture user attention for a prompt and positive response.




Retargeting users who’ve already shown interest in your brand or have already visited your site is always a good move. To that end, we conduct remarketing campaigns as well.


Ad Extension


Make your ads more effective with ad extensions that will display business reviews, average pricing, testimonies and more.




We track all our campaigns to keep an eye on what’s working and what’s not.


PPC Optimisation


Not sure whether or not your already running campaigns are working? Let us help you make better sense of things.


Hotel Ads


No more paying huge 3rd party commissions. Hotel Ads prompt users to make direct bookings with just one click.


Paid Social Media


Give a quick boost to your social presence and elevate your online conversion with a strong social media campaign.



7 Steps to boosting your room bookings via social media


Tell your story; engagingly



Everyone is on the social media; from the president to the girl next door. It’s only fitting that your brand is also there to engage with your relevant audiences. At Boostly, we have all the expertise to make sure more and more people are following you and that your social engagement quotient is always high. Elevate social referrals directed towards your business site with the help of social media marketing in the hospitality industry.



We’re the social media experts


Let Boostly tell your stories; from what makes your best in business to all the great things your previous customers have to say about you. We don’t just get the word out on your behalf. We make sure it’s heard by the right people for maximum impact. From Snapchat to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest; we will make sure your stories are floating around across all major social media networks where your target audience is present.


The Boostly Marketing Agency is designed to increase your profits 

Campaigns that promise real, measurable results


It takes real creativity, imagination, and an outside-the-box thinking to get the dialogue going with the audiences and earn their loyalty. At Boostly, over the years we have mastered that art and so we know exactly how to shape your brand’s image and give it the right kind of voice and authority in the market. Soon, your brand will be the big boy on the blocks with real results to prove it.



Triple the impact of your content and build your own community with the help of social media ads optimised only for your business.



Get guidance on social media marketing for hotels strategies, campaign planning, monitoring, training audits and more, all taught by the experts.



Let us create and publish value-driven remarkable content that captures your audience and amplifies your engagement factor.




We use a suite of sophisticated analytics and measurement tools that offer a detailed report of your performance along with solid recommendations.

Work with a Hotel Marketing Agency that will boost your revenue for your hospitality businessEMAIL MARKETING

Email marketing for hotels is unequivocally one of the most powerful tools available to social marketers and businesses. But, at Boostly we don’t just shoot an email once in a blue moon. We keep things regular by churning out interesting, likeable posts and content to make sure your emails get read by maximum readers. Let us do the thinking for you and we promise data-driven strategies with the help of responsive templates, incredible designs, and engaging messages.


(encourage sign-ups and entice the audiences)

It’s important that your subscribers love what you send them. To that end, our hotel email marketing service will closely monitor user-behaviour based on campaigns reports. We can tell what the readers are liking. What they are clicking on the most and what’s not getting clicked. What type of emails are opened the most and a lot more. Equipped with that knowledge, you can fine-tune your campaigns for maximum relevance and impact. Your collaboration with Boostly will result in the most beautifully designed and thoughtful email campaigns ever.


Websites are always churning out large amounts of data; the really valuable ones. But, you need certain tools to look into that data, analyse it and derive meaningful conclusions. This is what analytics is all about. By configuring your site’s data with analytics you get to measure campaign performance against your objectives. You can see how well your ad campaigns are doing; whether they are performing worse or better than expected. Monitor your ROI and areas of improvement to always secure an edge in the industry. All and all, you stay on top of your game.


Analytics tell you all about which online channels are driving the maximum revenue so you know where your focus should be.



Find out which areas of your landing pages, website, and tracking need improvement to further the revenue.



What are the most ideal demographics that you need to target? What kinds of ads and messages are they positively responding to? Analytics and reporting tell you all that.




Your goal can be anything. Perhaps you expect a certain number of PDF downloads, clicks, video watch hours, revenue generated, or forms completed. Google Analytics help you track all those goals but first you need to set them as objectives. Let the experts at Boostly do that for you.





Being a leading hospitality agency that Boostly is, it maintains a number of GA accounts from hotels. We regularly aggregate data from those accounts to show our clients so they can create performance benchmarks and figure out what is best for them. Some of those benchmarks can be booking engine performance, digital marketing effectiveness or ensuring website engagement; just to name a few.

How to ensure that you are getting bookings from expediaWEBSITES


Design and Development


Our website design and development services are geared towards creating a product that gives users everything they are looking for and prompts them to make booking/reservations; right there, right then!


Domain and Hosting


At Boostly we take care of all your domain and hosting needs by getting it hosted on Siteground or Bluehost servers backed by round the clock technical support, server monitoring service, and on-site technical support.




Not all websites are supposed to have the same look and feel. Being the experts in the hospitality business, we know exactly what type of hotel website design will make you stand out. We combine creativity with a solid design knowledge along with conversion boosting elements. Add to that smart navigation, SEO-friendly design,  and engaging content and you have the recipe for a perfect hospitality site.


Here’s a selection of websites styles you can choose from –





This website type is ideal for small restaurants and hotels with rooms and boutique inns. Elegant design and top-of-the-line features will drive your online bookings through the roof all the while letting you update content with the utmost of ease.





If you want a website with all core features and high-end functionalities that encourage growth; go with aspiring. We design this website keeping in mind multifaceted hospitality business drivers.




It is exactly what it sounds like. Get a fully functional, highly responsive site. Showcase a full suite of all our business drivers online with a bespoke website by created by Boostly.

With BoostlyOur Website Development Process


STEP 1 – Collaboration



We start off by collaborating with the client to understand his vision, business goals, and functionalities to define the look and feel. We use data gathered from workshops at this point to base our decisions on.



STEP 2 – Sitemap creation


Equipped with the knowledge of website data and what the look and feel should be; we figure out how to best represent it in the form of the responsive hotel website design with intuitive navigation.


STEP 3 – Content Development


At this point, we create content to support the sitemap insights and business ideology keeping in mind the cross-sell messages.


STEP 4- Design


This is the phase where all the elements come together to life in the form of an alluring design.



STEP 5 – Development


Modules, functionalities, page sections, CMS; the works. This is the phase where hotel website development comes into picture which is all about the backend work.



STEP 6 – Review


Simply creating a site and hitting the ‘launch’ button doesn’t end things. We continue to improve things with digital marketing, maintenance work and updates for three months after the live date, that is all included in the price you pay.



Wholesome design solutions at your disposal


Even after launching the website, we’re always here to support you with all kinds of maintenance services available at affordable price. So, if you need a few tweaks here and there, feel free to get in touch with us.


Boostly, the leading hotel website design company promises only best-in-class design solutions that will turn your vision into reality.

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