Why you should connect Google Site Kit to your website

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 323. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about why you should connect Google Site Kit to your website.

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I don't want to give too much because it'll get overwhelming. But I think if we just focus on number one, making sure that that connection from your welcome to MailChimp is connecting so it frees up Katie's time. Yeah, we actually start using that list. And I'm going to give you some templates that you can copy, paste, personalize and send out.

What I recommend you do is get crazyegg and track people. And then basically what we'll do behind the scenes is I'll just make sure that when we get access to this new API, we'll add it into the site, no extra charge, we'll get it signed. And we'll tell you when it's done. Because it's, it's almost ready.

And the final thing will be the pop up. So the pop up to get more people who are visiting your site to get onto your email list. Because then you'll have a real nice healthy mix of people who have stayed with you. And people who are yet to stay with you. Different types of email styles that you can send to both. Yeah. And then once we get them, we'll get a better indicator as into how people interact with the site who's interacting with the site. And more. So one, one final thing, let me just go into the backend assuming but I noticed, which again, digital marketing person will need to click and turn on, you see here where it says Google psychic.

So you've got Google Tag Manager and everything set up, which is great, you just need to connect the site kit to the website, it just means that you'll get a much more better indicator on it, it should be all set up. If I've done Tag Manager, they've done this, they just need to sign in with Google to here. Okay, so if you log into the site, because then what this will do is it will tell you exactly how many people are coming on to the site, which is the most popular pages which are the most popular blogs, etc. Just to give you an example of how that isn't works. And actually, let me just log on to the back end because I've got sidekick logged in using an active and this will be what it shows you. Okay, you can see this here. So when it's live, and when it's active, it'll tell you exactly. You know how many unique uses average time on the site, total impressions, total clicks, and which are the most popular pageviews. So these are obviously vast to boost the homepage. That's a blog. That's a blog. But yeah, this will be what your site will be able to tell you every time that you click on to it.

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