Why you should be creating packages to generate more revenue for your hospitality business

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 365. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about yhy you should be creating packages to generate more revenue for your hospitality business.

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Create packages, I mentioned hot tubs earlier. And for anybody that's got a hot tub and is in charge of cleaning them yourselves, you know how much of a pain in the ass they are, but all you have to do is look at the local trends on Google. And you will see especially when it comes to the fall, especially when it comes to the winter. instantly. The Google search term of local accommodation in our cottages in our properties in insert your town or county we have hot tub.

Now I'm not saying that if you haven't got a hot tub, you go out and buy a hot tub and start doing other things. If you really don't want to get involved with the cleaning and all the aspects of them, look at local companies that you can actually partner up with. And you can rent hot tubs or start to put a price package together to rent a hot tub from them where they still take care of all the insurance they still care, care about the cleaning, putting up putting down etc. But you're creating a little partnership with them.

So let's just say just for literally keep it simple sake, it's 100 pound for three nights to run it from said company. Okay, and your base rate of your property and I'm just going to use the example of rental accommodation is on a panel and you do a minimum stay of say three nights. What you will do is you will incorporate the price of the hot tub into your stay and you will create what's otherwise known as a package.

Hotels do this loads people do this is very effective, you can actually go a step up so you could have a two-star package. One star package is your accommodation, two-star package is a combination and hot tub. Three-star package is accommodation, hot tub, private chef, again, find any chefs that are looking for, for work. I know the hospitality industry has been absolutely ravaged. And there's a massive staff shortage where you may find that there are Freelancer chefs that have got good reputation in the area that are looking to technically go and work all of the hours in a restaurant or a pullback etc. This winter, but they would be up for partnering with you to offering a personal chef experience for your guests. So again, you can find out what the rate is how much it would be, you can incorporate it into a package.

Four-star packages, you could go a step higher. So it could be hot tub rental, private chef, spa trip. So it may be out of sheer coincidence that down the road from you is a local spa, and they do treatments etc. You could work out a rate with them how much it would be for your guests. And you could just create a package around it. Obviously pricing it up. So you win every single step of the way. And what you will start to do is that you can offer these packages on your website, on your emails when somebody books, you can do upsells.

A fantastic experience for your guests

Now what you're doing here is number one, you're giving your guests a fantastic experience, they are able to have something that they never knew was possible and couldn't organize themselves but are willing to pay for it. And also another win is that you're creating local relationships with businesses, you're creating partnerships and relationships that will work both ways. Because not only then are you they are going to be up for it because you're going to be bringing them income a time when they needed the most but also as well. The power of becoming the local go-to and we're definitely going to talk about that very soon. is so powerful. I hope that you all realize it so just as a case in point say that this chef, this mysterious chef that you're going to create a partnership with and he creates a package review say that he also is a freelancer for weddings.

And a couple came in to cater at a wedding. And they've mentioned to him off the off course saying don't suppose you know any accommodation will be let down. Because of the relationship that you've created. He goes you know what I do as a fantastic hospitality owner. Here are the details. And it works so many different ways when you become the local go-to person.

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