Why you need to become your local brand ambassador

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 96. This is a recap where I talked about why you need to become your local brand ambassador.

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So this is one I’ve already kind of mentioned, but it’s worth reiterating, is just think about what do you know about your overruns that you can say like, they’re not going to know just assume that even if somebody is coming to your place in Paris that they don’t know that that’s where the Eiffel Tower is like, you’re never going to get dinged for being overly specific about all the different things that are great about your place. So think think in concentric circles, what can you do in my house, just in my neighborhood, down the block, 10 minutes away an hour drive away? I mean, don’t if people are coming to your country for two weeks, they might be willing to drive two hours to something spectacular. Tell them that, here’s the thing that’s two hours away. And the moment like if you can make deals with companies and say, Hey, I got, you know, 100 guests a year coming through here, I think you have the best steak place in town, is there any chance I could get a special coupon or something that’s just for my people. And I can brag on you. And it’s a win-win for everybody. It’s another way for them to think that you’re not just the average host, you’re very special host. And that’s going to pay off down the line in terms of repeat business, and all that stuff as well. Sometimes their real motivation for thinking about who their ideal guest is, is who they’re trying to repel. And if you have people that you think are not ideal guests, you need to be explicit about that in a diplomatic way.

So babies, old people, partiers pets, those are all niches that you could do very well if you decide to run rake towards them. But if you want to run in the other direction from them, there are ways to be pretty explicit in your descriptions. So that nobody comes there and says, Hey, you didn’t tell me that this wasn’t good for so and so much better to find a way to get that into the description than have somebody give you a bad review. And then you have to try to explain your way out of it afterwards.

Benefits of becoming your own ambassador

Right, exactly. And this Ambassador stuff is a great way again, to narrow towards your avatar, right, because if you think of most towns, some places will only have one thing like you’re close to wineries, that’s your thing, right. But most places are going to have pubs and clubs, but also museums, or some activity thing or an adventure thing, climbing the trees or something. So the things that you pick in your listing are again driving towards your avatar, so the stuff that you choose to show like an artsy theater, as opposed to the big chain theaters or something. Or if you are specific, you know, people are going to flock to your town for festivals. This was a festival of lights in paranaque in New Zealand, which we love to go to try to get or get someone for you to go to the festival and get get a picture of it in your listing, even if it’s kind of obvious that will of course, people are going to come in for this. You having this photo in your listing, again, is telling people it’s the trust thing that you have thought about this from their perspective that you know, this is what they’re coming for. And you’re just reminding them like, Look, our rental is so close to this amazing festival. And you guys have seen this in the video in one of your videos that you have watched for your homework, so to speak. You talked about the trust. And then you can build the more personal relationships between the host and the guests. So that you can get good reviews, so that people are more likely to just come to you as opposed to just trash you in your review because they didn’t know something once you have that sort of a more personal connection, because who’s going to complain about someone who feels like a friend, right? This is what you guys went over.

So all this stuff, thinking of outside your rental about your avatar about the people that have come there, what are they going to experience and when you want them to experience if you really think this is an adventure location, that’s the kind of people you attract, remind them Yes, of course, they’re going to Google the location and see what you can do. But you having this stuff in the listing again, it’s just it’s kind of excluding all other options, right, they see all the stuff are on your website, we keep saying listing but you can apply this to your website and actually, website is a much better place to show this because you can kind of organize the information there.

And here again if you say like enjoy this amazing view, you can tell this kind of hive and in the caption you can say like hey, you have to hike this mountain then you have to be kind of physically okay to do it. So again, with the photos and the copy together, you can set the expectation for your avatar. If you’re talking about families, or people looking for romantic getaways, or a bachelorette group or something, you can’t quite capture it in the photo, put it in the caption and vice versa.

So, again, just kind of setting the stage where the guests can kind of almost pictures themselves self there. And this is what’s so great is that you can choose what to show on your website and your listing. Even if your your location where you’d like I said you can do everything you can you can direct the conversation with the photos that you choose to show.

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