Why Sharon Mears Of Arallt Holiday Cottage Loves Boostly

Sharon Mears runs a holiday cottage called Arallt. She found Mark online when looking for help on marketing the property, particularly when it came to social media skills. Sharon loves tech and likes learning new things, so she is constantly looking for training in that area.

She initially joined the Hospitality Community, but then decided to join the Boostly Academy a few months ago because Boostly offered extra tips.

Watch this short vide

Sharon Mears from Arallt Holiday Cottage

Website: arallt.co.uk

Facebook: @arallt

Booking engine used: Free To Book

o where Sharon talks about how Boostly has made what formerly seemed impossible into something clear as day.

What she likes best about the Boostly Academy is that she can pay monthly and can leave whenever she wants. She can also pick when and what she wants to learn in small steps or little bites. She can stop and go back to it, and there’s no time limit.

Sharon runs a busy farm and has a teenager, so she has other things taking up her time. So she can do the training whenever she has an extra moment.

She would strongly recommend that anyone looking to improve their marketing skills join the Boostly Academy as well. Mark is constantly available on messenger or email. He always responds and explains everything in very simple terms. Having that resource at hand is extremely helpful. What formerly seemed impossible is suddenly clear as day thanks to Mark.

Sharon wants to share that she used to be completely tied to an OTA. Now she has taken the plunge and gotten rid of the online travel agent. From now on, she takes only direct bookings. She has had 4 direct bookings in just a couple of months since joining the Academy. Seeing these bookings already gives her confidence for the future.

If you want to contact Mark, send him an email at [email protected].

Check out his training portfolio here.

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