Why I am a fan of Collaboration > Competition

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 350. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about why I am a fan of Collaboration > Competition.

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This is something I was talking to one of my coaching clients, and she is the most amazing human, she's lived a life upon life upon life. And I was asking her, she's in a growth stage right now. Does she grow? Or does she want to grow? Is she happy where she is? And I said to her, do you have people contact? You ask him for accommodation? And she said yes, she's so good at doing a network and so good at getting to know people. She's part of so many committees and all of these things. And I was like, Well, what do you do in these communities? I just pass them on to people. And I say Well, are you taking a cut like a five or 10% fee, finder's fee? Say No, start doing it.

And you can start to build up your own mini WhatsApp, local group of hosts because it's not competition is collaboration over competition. The competition is the otas the competition, the big massive companies that are taking money out of your local area. Okay, they're competition. Every other host is somebody that you can get a stay for a guest. So when a guest calls you. Have you got accommodation for the first of September for four nights? Instead of you just going really sorry, no, putting the phone down. You go? Yep. 100% give me 10 minutes, I'll call you back. You put the phone down, you go straight to your whatsapp group, where everybody first September for night started at, this is the price who wants it, they'll come back to you first come first serve. You call them back and go fantastic. We've got your all sorted, I'm going to pass you on to here. They're going to do dah dah dah, dah. And then you just take a five or 10%.

Now on a singular basis that may be 50 quid, but you do that every week over the year that results in four figures extra in and all you're doing is you're working in your local community. And then somebody will turn on to me and said that's not a direct booking. It is. The money is not the direct booking. It's the guest and where they book that's the directness that they booked directly with you. It's power is your cancellation policy, you get their email address, you get their phone number, you can do everything you want. You've got their data, data is the most valuable commodity that there is in the world. This is why Facebook wants everything because you it's why Amazon want everything is why Amazon created Alexa, because they want to know everything about you and every single part of the journey. It's why they put Alexas into cars. So either put it into the fridges or put it into toasters, try to put it everywhere because they want to know everything about you everything that you see looking do and feel. It's why Facebook are trying to get these virtual reality headsets is Oculus is to be the go-to because they want all of your data all of the time. So when it comes to sell it to companies that they will advertise to you everywhere that you look.

And all you need to do is you need to get an email address and a phone number, and then use it, reuse it. And there are so many amazing tools coming out here right now. That will help you do it. But just by building a relationship, little mini WhatsApp group, get a little network of you together, you can pass around bookings even if you haven't got that. The hospitality community people pass around bookings all the time, whether you want to take a little cut or not. It's totally up to you, but you can so simply do it in your local area. It's about building a network and just not looking at people as competition.

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