Where does Dave Goodfellow see Clubhouse going in 2022?

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 420. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about where does Dave Goodfellow see Clubhouse going in 2022.

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I'm on clubhouse a good two to two hours a day, probably most days. And I do use it. Now, where do I see it going in six months time? So what a great question. So at the moment. We've got, people who are still kind of in lockdown, they're out and about and doing everything. I suppose that's kind of come back a little bit now. But, and there are still people using this fantastic app day in day out. It's a great place to bring people together. You can do it in your underpants, you can do it with your hair all over the place. You can do it naked, you can do whatever you want because nobody can see what you're doing. Right. So it makes it so accessible for so many people. Now, if we have a look at the stats, in the UK, not sure about what this I'm not sure what is across the world. But in the UK, we've got around 33% of the population using Apple products or Apple phones. And it's only available to Apple's no you can't I think there's a there's Android as a really opened up to Android. Yeah. So there's a huge market there for people to be jumping on this once it's open up to Android. And that will happen. So there's a good 60 Whatever it is percent of them of the population that are not on Apple, that are going to be opened up to clubhouse in the near future. So I think it's just going to grow and grow. I think the great thing about clubhouse is that you can jump onto a panel, you can speak to people that are a million light years ahead of where you are right now. And you can jump up and ask them a question and get that question answered. So for me, I think that clubhouse will continue to grow. I think the rate the growth will slow down. But I think it's got so much potential for the future. I mean, look at it. Look at everybody on this panel this morning. We're all networking together. We're sharing ideas were, you know, answering questions for each other where we're doing so much on this panel. You know, and there are so many relationships being built in the background. I mean, I've never done so much business since I jumped on to clubhouse 100 and thinks about 115 days ago now. Never done so much business so and the opportunities and the wealth, knowledge and the things that I'm learning on a day to day basis, just huge for me. So if people want to continue learning and you know, developing and gaining that knowledge and the confidence to do things then I think it's just a great platform that does a bit deep but there you go.

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