What’s the best type of property to list on Peerspace?

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 382. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about the best type of property to list on Peerspace.

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We are interested in bringing on unique spaces, whatever kind of space type that may be. So while there are mirrors and boardrooms and co-working spaces, there are also many, many homes residences that are used for different activities. There are warehouses, flats, single-family homes, people are listing their backyards, for ads, for example, you can list parts of the space as well, I should have mentioned. So when you list your space, that doesn't mean that you're giving somebody access to manager, and people aren't sleeping or staying, basically. So yeah, we have many different space types. But we certainly see quite a bit of demand for residences, particularly from production segments. And for our meeting segments where teams would like to get together and they were working on inspiring space. There's a ton of variety in residences, every space is really different. And you can find what you're looking for here.

The moment Peerspace started this

I want to say that it happened quite organically. I think that there are people who are familiar with short term rental platforms. Airbnb, for example, are understanding that there's the value of its space can be monetized in different ways. And as people gotten wind of what was happening with their space as an alternative way to do something similar. I think a lot of the organic inbound supply that we started seeing was these residences, and a lot of short term rentals and vacation properties, you just don't understand the concept of that. And so I don't know that we deliberately went after that kind of audience to add to by ever, but it certainly is something that our records are saying they're looking for reasons I mentioned earlier, that there's a lot of unique qualities about these cases. And the host is generally used to providing a certain expectation around hospitality and attentiveness to their needs. And so they just tend to do really well on off running. That's not to say that a photo studio or you know, a performance space is also doing a lot of different types of rentals.

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