What would you do if Airbnb made you only accept bookings from guests who are double vaccinated from COVID 19?

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 166. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I asked about what you would do if Airbnb made you only accept bookings from guests who are double vaccinated from COVID 19.

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Transcript from the Episode

The question that I've been pondering for a while now. And I wanted to ask, I want to pass it on to you, because I'm always interested to hear other people's thoughts. So one side of the fence, I do have a red and blue, all that jazz. And I want to preface this question by saying that I do not care what your views are. When I say I don't care. I mean, totally, you can have whatever views you want, I will not unfollow you. I will not try and call you out, or whatever depends on what your views are on this. I literally just love to see what other people's views are on this.

So it could be one of those ones that people give a nice debate on, and they just have a nice chat in the comments. Or it may be where it goes a little bit mental. So I just want to say just try and keep it simple, and keep it civilized.

My thoughts

Here's what I've been thinking. When we came out of the pandemic, the first time lockdown one, let's call it so let's say July 2020, Airbnb and the likes made changes. So the hosts had to show that they were doing the necessary safety precautions so they could reopen. ie, if you've ever been into a hotel room in the last year, Jiffy bags for the remote controls, all that jazz anyway.

And now what they ask for is for you to leave your room, or your property open for let's say, a day, or something like that. Not just Airbnb, but there are other ones. And as we are starting to reopen, and as vaccinations are becoming more and more open, and more people can get them. You're starting to see in the world's especially in place like the UK, there being articles come out saying if you want to go to a football stadium, if you want to go to a nightclub, if you want to go to x y Zed or if you want to go on holiday, you need to be double vaccinated to go vaccine passports, another word has been used.

So it got me thinking, Well, what happens if Airbnb or booking.com or VRBO turn around to you, the hosts which they could do, and say, if you want to have any future, future, future potential guests stay with you. They have to be double vaccinated? It got me thinking, what would you do? Would you accept it? Would you only take guests that have been double vaccinated? Or would you come off the platform? What are your views on this? How would you handle that topic? I'd be really interested to know I've got my views. I'm going to share him here. But I would just like to know what you're thinking on this because I think that this is going to cause a lot of sides.

I think it's gonna cause a lot of anger in the future. And I can see this already in Facebook groups, not the hospitality community, but over groups I'm a part of and conversations and I really am interested to pass it on to you.

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