What Journalists want from you in a potential news piece

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 134. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about qhat Journalists want from you in a potential news piece.

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But what could be something that hosts could be paying attention to now, in terms of what potential journalists could be looking to cover whether it is on their newspaper or radio, TV, etc? What what what would be some sort of things that they could be looking for right now to maybe potentially talk about.

The first one is always stats, so you can go back to them with some really good stats, either from your website, or something along those lines, you know, record figures, record numbers, or again, all of that positive news. That's a good one. How's it been for you? So a lot of the newspapers covering this at the moment because we're obviously reopening in the UK in stages. The next stage is in a few weeks. We're now a few weeks into the second stage of unlocking, which was BnBs. glamping. Well, anyone with shared facilities? You're a few weeks in now, how's it going? You know, have you had what reaction Have you had from people? Have you had a positive reaction to things that you put in place? Have you had any interesting guests along? A lot of people are finding that they've got people coming back to them who maybe haven't been for years, can you do a before and after photographs of their experiences? And all these lovely stories, I mean, PR is about stories and telling stories. So you can find a lovely story from guests of, you know, what they're up to what you're up to, and what you're what they're enjoying.

We recently published in our local newspaper, and I've got a new account manager in PR and she came up to Rutland, she'd never been to Rutland before she actually wrote an article on her first experience of Rutland and what she thought of it and the local paper published it as you know, first-time view of Rutland kind of thing. Just for a bit of fun, and people locally loved it because they were like Oh yes, it's such a great county It's so lovely to see people find out more about it. And of this is our record people sending their recommendations of things she could have done and all things like that. So yeah, anyways, this is a new jacking off to see what's happening currently, in the bigger picture that you can show with journalists either locally or nationally. Some good news and some good reactions. And also how are you feeling about the 21st of June you know, if you host weddings, or bigger events, how are you feeling about it? Are you positive? Are you confident that they're gonna go ahead? What do you have coming up, so what's new, all of those sorts of things are really really good opportunities right now.

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