What is the best minimum stay setting for your STR business?

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 364. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about the best minimum stay setting for your STR business.

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Play around with minimum stays. Now again, I know there's a lot of people in the room who are very strict on the amount of stays nights that some guest has to stay in the summer, you can get away with it because there is such high demand but in the slow season, not so much.

So I'm not going to say everybody go for one night stay, or everybody dropped down to a two night stay what I'm asking is that you play around with it. So don't be strict and unstructured and you know, rigid, and not willing to amend, play around with it. And if you are going to go for a one night stay, don't keep the same rate. So if you're going to offer up a one night stay and you offer a base rate of 100 pound a night, anybody who was going to book a one night stay, add on a little bit extra, maybe make it 110-130 to cover the extra cleaning costs. And then if they soon as they booked for two nights, the price starts to adjust more to what the base rate is, etc, etc.

So play around with it. See what works, sees what sticks. There's no one shoe fits all here because I know we've got people that have got Bed and Breakfast in the room. We've got people who've got motels, we've got people who've got glamp sites, we've got people who've got multiple rental properties, and we've got people who've got one rental property so there's no one size fits all. All I'm asking for here is to play around. And again that's the beauty of the internet as the beauty of having a PMS is that you can do so.

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