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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 353. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about Guestflow.

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Guestflow is a companion map that plugs into your channel manager to ultimately enable service providers to perform their tasks in the highest priority order. You can spend much less time as a business owner managing guests, you get to focus on the big picture. And you just know that everything is being done, nothing's being missed. And there's nothing there's no overlap at work.

There's a few we're looking at, to be honest with you, right now, it's working very well, those guys and the others, we're collecting data, that to be honest with you, 80% of our reach so far have said they, you know, that's the one that they're looking at. But we are open to working with, you know, lots of partners, because what we do is we solve a different problem we're bringing, we're enabling service providers, ultimately, it's a platform for service providers. And that might be your tech team MBAs that want to build, or it might be your housekeepers. And of course, the two needs are interact really nicely together. And they both essentially need the same set of data to perform their tasks, I just need it presented a different ways. That's what we're enabling, you know, and it means that as much as possible, can be automated.

But when you do need to do something like someone sent in an ID, and you need to actually check it. And you need to know that on this particular property, there's a minimum age of 25, for example. And there's the postcode option, you don't want anyone who's a local resident without it being escalated to management. So that's the manual tasks you need, you need a VA to do that. But of course, if that guest is checking in, and then not arriving for three days, and now you've got another last-minute booking and the payments just bounced, you want to make sure that the VA is focusing on the payment, that's the highest priority task right now. And if that's been if you've got multiple staff got a couple of staff because got quite a few, quite a few units, you need to know that one's working on that. And the other is working on the next highest priority item, you know.

The ideal host for Guestflow

It's worked in our own business, you know, over 100 units and it worked incredibly well. Our business wouldn't work without it. It just wouldn't. And so, however, we've got clients with five units, and it's just enabled them to completely step away and focus on growth. I think ultimately what it helps solve is the commercial balance issue. That A lot of businesses have, and you have multiple points throughout your growth, I think actually going from three to four units is as difficult as going from 20 units, you know, to your next point of growth, you know, leading up to 25-30 units, it's, you know, it's where how many staff do you need to enable you to get the volume of work done to the right standard without overwhelming and without, like, overcapacity of staff? And that's not an easy one to solve, you know? And I think what, by having a tool that really enables a lot more efficiency with your staff, and just clarity, just you want to get everything into rhythm, you want to in flow state, you know, flow state is every everything's just flowing through. It's not chaotic. It's bit about being as proactive as possible. You don't want to be reactive in your business, right? Yeah. So that that's ultimately we want a tool that enables that to happen with all your service providers. And that's really the dream of guest flow is we're going to be building in more and more cool features.

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