What is FOMO?

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 102. This is a recap of my interview where we talked FOMO.

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What is FOMO? So we'll have heard about the phrase FOMO. If you were to Google it, it is anxiety that's an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere often arouse by posting on social media. Now, when I first called myself the FOMO creator, got a few private messages. So no, I don't want FOMO. I want Jomo the joy of missing out. But do you love the joy of your prospective clients missing out in your business. Oh no. So in a business sense. FOMO is a good thing. It's positive anxiety. You want to build your community and get them so bad and excited about what it is you do that they can't wait to buy your product and service from you.

Okay, now, we've got a few Americans in the room, and maybe some Brits, they'll notice this film, The Truman Show. If you if you're too young to know what the film is, Jim Carrey was filmed 24 seven, his character was filmed 24 seven, apart from when he was in bathroom. And, and we can create our own Truman Show, we can create our own reality TV show if that makes sense. Because we're all incredibly nosy. But we need to know who we are. People need to know who we are as a person before they will even think about buying from us. Okay, so FOMO bridges the gap between social media and PR, you know, back in the day, you may need to hire a PR agency to do your press releases and make some big announcements, we can do all of that ourselves on social media. And social media is not just a place for advertising. Don't do that. Because people need to get to know who you are first. So I'm going to talk a little bit about that. So FOMO is bridging the gap between social media and PR, it's really about creating our own TV show, in effect.

How people use social media

Before social media came along, we've done yellow pages or white pages or, you know, advertising magazines, and you know, appear on the radio, okay, and those ads will be repetitive and they'll just keep going on and on and on until they bore us into people buying from us. Now. We can't do that on social media. Yeah, okay. Because as a consumer, we've got the power. We've got the power to Google, we've got the power to decide who we like and who we don't like. So if people don't know who you are as a business yet, then we've got a lot of hard work to do before we even get to the advertising bit. Okay, if you start telling people Hey, look at my Airbnb place, or Hey, look, my, you know, my services that you know, my hotel or whatever, my b&b. And people don't know who you are yet. They might think that you're selling to them. And we don't like being sold to. Do we guys? Do we? Do we like being sold to anybody? No, I don't think we do. So if we don't like being sold to us consumers. Why are you selling to your potential focus?

Well, okay, and I say that with true compassion and love, because I made the mistake of spamming You know, when I first started to so the five step plan, I've done, I've done it three times. starting my business in London, started it again in Brisbane in Australia. I lived there for six years, and I went there to support my husband and then our marriage had an expiry date, which I didn't realize, and then immigration said, No, you've got to go back home. So I had to rebuild my life rebuild my business in 2016. But I use this five-step plan on every part of my journey, and it works.

So b is for branding and community are for relationship building. As for authority, and BTS, no, I don't mean that Kpop bands, I mean, behind the scenes, and that's where FOMO starts, then and I talked about your PR agency, you can create your PR agency, show the world and tell the world how amazing you are, and get famous on social media. So telling your lurkers, I'll talk more about the lurkers in a moment. And, you know, your reviews, your customer reviews, you know how happy your customers are. And then when the time is right, direct communication. So you can then communicate to people effectively when the time is right.

All about branding

In 2016, as I said, I had to rebuild my life. So what I did was I started writing, and I wrote a blog called making mistakes. And I started talking about business. I started talking about social media strategy, what I did, what works, what doesn't, and then within three months, this is where the three months bit came in, I got headhunted by Google. And so in Sheffield, I was asked to work with a project to help students, members of the public and, and businesses with their social media strategy. I was also hired to speak in Europe as well. So that was me in Lithuania, which is great. So this stuff works. So I want to talk about you guys, though. First of all, so at branding, FOMO is not linear. No one follows you from day one of your business. Okay. It is a journey. So people might, you know, you guys will not have heard of me up until today. And hopefully within three seconds, you will probably form an opinion of me. You're probably like me, probably one idea. I don't know. Okay, but we need to get to know each other a little bit more. Don't wait. We don't want to, you know, a given proposal, will you marry me, but that's what people are doing on social media at the moment they're posting, and they are just posting, buy my stuff. You're effectively asking someone to marry you. What about the courting? What about the dates? What about getting to know each other the building relationships? Do you know? That is where the real work happens? Okay, before we even get to the selling bit, and when you're building your brand, and when you're building your community, and I'm talking about community, I'm not talking about followers. I'm talking about your fans, the people who really love you, not the numbers. Okay, it doesn't matter whether you've got 1000 fans, 100 fans on Facebook or Instagram or wherever. It's the people who are really engaged with your stuff who are watching your stuff, the lurkers, okay, and we need to start building relationship with them somehow. And we do that with social media and showcasing our authority by posting good quality information on social media by showing behind the scenes stuff, okay, this is the A in brand, okay, this is where the FOMO starts because if people started to get to know you, they start to like you, they start to trust you. They're seeing your social media that lurking on your stuff never get engaged with yet they haven't shared and stuff that like them commented, but they're lurking and they're definitely there. But when the time is right for them, they may get in touch with you. So this is where the FOMO begins.

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