Wellness retreats see 81% spike as Guests seek getaways

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 42. This is a recap of my Facebook live video about a recent study about wellness retreats.

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02:20 Recent study about wellness retreats
03:10 What hosts can do about the wellness retreat study
04:10 For hosts in rural location

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Transcript from the Episode

In today's episode, what I wanted to talk to you about is a recent study that came out. So I'm just going to read what I've got up in front of me. Wellness retreats see an 81% spike as Brits seek getaways. Now, the stat is fantastic. And yes it's obviously going to be a spike in exposure because you know, you've got to always take the context around what the article that you're reading. But the wellness thing is important. But what is interesting to me is still even in 2021, your guests are looking for something a little bit different. Now, if you've got a city centre location, yes, you may be struggling, you have had to focus solely on business because there are not much leisure tourists.

What hosts can do about the wellness retreat study

So what you need to do is How are you different? How can you be different from everybody else? So how can you appeal people? This is not always going to be the case, the more that vaccines are rolled out, the more that the confidence is there in big cities, you know, and events will start to come back to cities, we'll get the leisure industry. But for now, cities that speak to you very quickly for a second, what can you be doing to separate you from the rest, you have to solely focus on who you can attract right now, which is key workers, business people, etc.

So what can you do? Are you really focused on those workaways/workstations? Have you put a computer desk in for example? Have you specifically designed a working area where they can work from your property? And if so, have you highlighted this on your pictures on your social media, on your emails on your website? Have you changed the text or copy the word in everything that you use? You got a totally different customer avatar now and you got to really pay for it.

For hosts in rural location

Now let's flip this and talk about what this article is talking about. Now. Are you in a rural location? Are you somebody that offers glamping? Can you be doing something more than having just a tent in a field? Can you be looking to partner up with maybe a local yoga instructor? Can you bring them in and have a total holistic experience and it's doing something a little different? That is the big appeal here.

So number one, what else can you offer? What else can you do? Can you like I said work with yoga, can you bring in massage treatments? Can you bring in holistic therapies, can you do all of the woowoo stuff that's fantastic. And you know I do it? I can call it woo-woo because I do it and my wife does it and I totally believe in it and I think it just makes it such a more experience. Can you make your property instagrammable that's what this is all about.

Can you create an experience that your guest will want to share and talk about? Because when lockdowns do stop and when the confidence is there and people are travelling and all the age demographic Gen Z, millennials, baby boomers, they're all looking to go and travel, they will want to be talking about it they want to be showing off about on Instagram on their phones on TikTok. They'll be willing to talk about it on clubhouse on Facebook, you know, on LinkedIn everywhere.

So how can you make your property stand out? when everybody's zigging what can you do to zag and that's the takeaway that I want from this episode.

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