Double Your Direct Bookings
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Make the most of commission free bookings with a professionally designed website optimised for converting lookers in to bookers.

Turn Lookers Into Bookers

  • Professionally designed pages
  • Easy to add your own content
  • Mobile first design approach
  • Help and support along the way
  • World class managed hosting
  • Guaranteed Results or 100% Refund

The Boostly Guarantee

We are the only company that offers a guaranteed return on your investment on any Boostly product in new direct bookings or 100% of your money back. Contact us for more information

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it… Hear from our happy clients!

Website Setup

Welcome to the most cost-effective website solution for hospitality owners anywhere in the world. Click on the link below to startΒ 


£ 399 + Β£12.99/month
  • Structure and Sytem Created For You
  • Hosting & Support To Help You
  • WordPress Website
  • Premium Plugins Pre-Installed
  • Full Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

No problem at all. The majority of our clients already have an existing domain setup with Go Daddy, Reg123 etc.Β 

All you need to do is give us access to where your domain is stored and we will do the rest. You stay in full control of your domain.Β 


If you don’t currently have a website or a domain setup, we can help you with that for no additional cost.

In the long term, we recommend you get a online booking engine for your hospitality business. However, for the short term, we can easily change it so people can email you directly for availability and questions

Yes. Please contact Mark at if you want us to finish your website.

You can cancel your monthly admin fee at anytime. Please note, when you do this, your domain will be de-registered within 28 days of you cancelling and you will be responsible to move the domain to your own hosting and pay any fees to do so.

Your access to the Boostly website will be restricted within 28 days of your request to cancel.

There are no refunds on the price you paid for the Boostly website.

Full T&C can be found here.

Admin fees are


  • Hosting
  • Server feesΒ 
  • Premium Plugins that we have added in
  • SSL certificate
  • Support Team access and tutorial videos updates

We have setup everything for you so you don’t have to spend hundreds on additional pieces of software or plugins to keep it as simple and straightforward and most importantly, cost effective.Β 

We are not a booking engine.

We only tap into all of the other Booking engine providers and provide a smooth link to their booking engine.

For a full list of recommended property management providers head toΒ

Nothing. Everything will resume as normal. We always encourage our clients to have a business email setup (ideally on Gsuite) and can assist and advise if you don’t have anything in place.

The Boostly Guarantee ensures that if you fail to get a full return on your investment after 12 months in new direct bookings on your Boostly Website, you will get 100% of your money back. You will be required to do the work to get your website live and watch some tutorial videos to help you achieve this. Please email if you have any further questions

Premium cloud hosting (Worth Β£240)βœ“
Intuitive WordPress Template (Worth Β£149)βœ“
SSL Security Certificate (Worth Β£75)βœ“
Setup Your Own Domain (Worth Β£25)βœ“
Essential WordPress Plugins (Worth Β£100)
Tutorial Videos To Get Started (Worth Β£600)βœ“
Google Analytics setup (Worth Β£50)
Realtime reviews setup (Worth Β£108 a year)

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it… Hear from our happy clients!