Let potential bookers experience your property with an immersive Virtual Reality 3D Virtual Tour

Boostly VR Tours

Using the very latest technology, our 3D Virtual Tours are highly interactive and customisable, providing the very best way of showcasing your space online.

Allow customers to walk around your event space and see the options available for their event by changing the room layout with the touch of a button.

Viewable on PC, laptop, mobile device or VR headset, our tours offer an experience which is proven to generate more business and improve your SEO.

360 3D Virtual Tours allow people to view inside your premises from the comfort of their desktop computers, laptops, tablets or phones.

You can view an example below. This example is a student hall in Newcastle, play around with the images, click on the icons on the bottom left and spin the images around. You can also jump from room to room by clicking the images on the right.

Our Virtual Tours allow prospective customers, visitors and clients to explore your space in breath-taking immersive 3D on the computer, smartphone and tablet (or with VR headset for the true feeling of “being there”). Our tours encourage exploration and engagement with your venue while enhancing the experience for a powerful, lasting connection with your business.

By working with other businesses to create their online showcase we have created tours which help them to benefit from this technology and achieve immediate ROI.

VR Tours Increases Your Chances of Direct Bookings

Whatever your sector, research has shown that Virtual Tours can help increase your sales.

97% of travellers use the internet when planning a trip. Those who view a listing or website with a virtual tour are twice as likely to be interested in booking a reservation there. Research by Best Western showed that their hotels with a Virtual Tour had 45% more direct bookings than those without (other industry research suggests this is closer to 85%) And among 18-34 year-olds in particular, prospects are 130% more likely to book based on a tour. ROI for Hotel having a Virtual Tour is 4 weeks. showed that listings with Virtual Tours received 44% more clicks and Property Week found that a Virtual Tour reduced wasted viewings by 40%. Visitors spend 300% more time on a listing with a Virtual Tour.

Also found in the research was that among people surveyed, 67% want more businesses to have virtual tours. This means that people actively appreciate virtual tours when they land on company websites.

Boostly VR Tours

*Travel charges apply – *Hosting Fees – Free for first year then £59 / year or can be self-hosted for free.

Small Rental (1-2 bed)

Price£399 + VAT

3D Virtual Tours for Small House and Apartment

Medium Rental (3-4 bed)

Price£499 + VAT

Virtual Tour for medium size apartment

Large Rental (5 bed+)

Price£599 + VAT

Virtual Tour for Large Apartment

Hotel or B&B

Price£999 + VAT

3D Virtual tour for Hotel, B&B, Self Catering


✔ 3D and 360° Virtual Tour of your premises 
✔ We can add your logo and branding to the tour
✔ We add to your Google My Business
✔ We add to Google Maps listing
✔ Able to download floorplans with over 98% accuracy
✔ Print Resolution HDR Still Photos (ideal for social media)
✔ 3D models in OBJ Format (this can be exported and used in modelling software, 3D printing applications etc)
✔ Flythrough Video for Social Media
✔ High Resolution HDR 360° panoramas
✔ You own the copyright and the tour can be downloaded and run on your desktop
✔ The Tour can be embedded on your website (we can do this for you or provide the files for your I.T. department)
✔ Add up to 5 tags (extra tags are available at additional costs)
✔​ Ultimately with a 360 3D VR Tour you will get more views, more clicks, more shares, more likes and more sales.


Scanning of most medium to large sites can be done in 4-5 hours
Any information for tags / info panels etc is required from client in order to create the tour.
Following the scanning process (and receipt of information from client) it takes 5 working days to process and create your tour.
Your tour will be initially delivered as a URL / embed code for your website / social media, along with a 30 second teaser video.

Yes, we can place clickable links within your tour so customers can be taken directly to your online booking system.

Yes, Virtual Tours of your property encourage visitors to spend more time on your website, which browsers attribute value to and therefore helps improve your ranking.

All of our tours are also added to Google Street View and linked to your Google My Business page (although GSV is not as high quality and does not have the same interactivity so will be just like a Google Street View tour).

You can add Tags to any point in a 3D model or 360° panoramas including Viewpoints (standalone 360° panoramas). Tags are visualized as blue circles. Tags can have text title and description, include links, images, videos (YouTube or Vimeo links), or even custom HTML code. Tags can for example, be used to show videos (show visitors the route to the local pub!), aerial images, pdf of instruction manuals, information on the heritage of the building…custom HTML option even means you can pretty much do what you like… basically anything you feel would be of benefit to potential guests!