Uplisting PMS Review – Is it any good?

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 75. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about Uplisting.

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Transcript from the Episode

Today, I want to talk about Uplisting. Uplisting is a PMS channel manager, it's a bit of everything. I really like the team behind this, and I'm really impressed with what they are doing. They have got a service that is readily available. And I believe if you are a short stay accommodation, self-catering owner, whether it's serviced accommodation, Airbnb, they are the ones that you want to be looking at, I believe anybody that's got maybe four or more properties, definitely the way to go.

Pros of using Uplisting

One of their USPS is that they have got very good automation. And they've got fantastic API connection to tools like Zapier. So for those tech-savvy, savvy hosts are watching this, and like to have a lot of things automatize like to have things going in the right places and linking into things such as maybe MailChimp, and Active Campaign and, you know, Google Sheets and clean and all you know all those technology and gadgets. And all those lovely things, Uplisting is definitely the one for you. They are ahead of a curve a lot of the time and that community is very strong. We have been speaking to them because of what we do with Boostly websites, and again, if you've not checked out Boostly websites yet, please do go to booslty.co.uk/website. And you will see that a lot of the time the host that we work with already have PMS is and more people are saying that Uplisting is their PMS. And so I wanted to check them out. And we've been able to work with them. And now we've got a direct link in via that fantastic API technology.

Uplisting pricing

Pricing, as you can see, starts from say four or five properties. It's working about 100 $100 a month, you can even change it, pounds, euros etc. So again, very reasonable for everything that you do get. Another guarantee is that you will never get a double booking which is that nice peace of mind.

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