Top 11 Things To Seek In A Hotel Booking Engine Provider

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The right Hotel Booking Engine Provider can make your life easy and breezy. From my own experience of testing different ones out, I wanted to share eleven things I’ve learned to look for in a hotel booking engine provider to distinguish if it is the right one or not. 

Why is a booking engine provider important?

A good booking engine provider adds value to your business in several ways. It aids you in:

  • Brand promotion
  • Providing lower costs than other online channels
  • Increasing the lifetime value of the guest
  • Retaining the loyalty of the guest

These are 11 of the most important things to look for in a hotel booking engine provider.

 1. Are they connected to all the channels your hotel is on?

 Your booking engine provider should link with various channel managers to make your job easier!

 2. Do they have a mobile solution?

 You should be able to see your performance on mobile separately from your performance on other devices, so you can hone your mobile strategy with accurate data.

 3. Is their booking engine flexible enough for your hotel’s needs?

Your booking engine should…

  • Display all the languages that your guests speak
  • Prominently display your hotel’s logo
  • Offer unlimited creation of tariffs, room types, special offers and discounts
  • Provide online voucher redemption
  • Offer wedding and corporate booking modules
  • Show a pooled inventory

4. What kind of customer service and reporting do they offer?

Your booking engine provider should be open with you about your hotel’s performance. Their team should offer advice for improvement based on best practices and data.

5. How do they help promote a Book Direct message?

Direct bookings, properly handled, typically come with a much lower CPA, even when you account for marketing costs. Growing your direct bookings means growing your revenue. There are a large variety of tactics that can improve your Book Direct Strategy.

6. Do they offer other services to drive bookings, such a digital marketing, and design?

A great marketing team should be able to help you drive direct bookings through Metasearch channels, create a mix of digital channels that are successful for your hotel and gain you huge brand awareness through paid campaigns on Google and other platforms.

7. Do they have an expert understanding of what drives conversions?

 Your booking engine should be constantly improving. They should always be:

   1.    Finding out where and why users aren’t booking

   2.    Fixing it

8. Are they constantly innovating and preparing for future developments? How can you tell?

Your booking engine provider should be right there with you. They should be developing new features for their booking engine to cope with the changing landscape and to prepare for the future. A good question to ask yourself is, “Does my booking engine regularly release updates or new versions?”

9. Are their team experts in the hospitality industry and the technology sector?

Your account manager and point of contact with your provider should be passionate and want your business to succeed.

10. Are their features to help you build guest relationships?

The ideal one allows you the flexibility to create unlimited tariffs and rate plans. You should also be able to create separate rates for guests booking corporate events or weddings.

11. What range of client types do they have?

If they have an extensive client list across a range of different property types, or they specialise in your type of property, have no fear! If your hotel has a focus on a certain type of bookings, like large corporate groups or weddings, consider asking how their booking engine can cater to those needs.

Your ideal one should have a flexible admin centre for you and a focus on conversion for your guests.

I hope this information was helpful for you!

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