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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 71. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about this one special feature.

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As you all will know by now, I am a massive believer in making the otas work for you and not the other way around. Now there maybe some of you that are watching this video or listening to this podcast episode. And you are fully booked up for the rest of 2021. Congratulations, well done, you smashed it, there may be a lot of you who still need bookings. And this is where especially in times when it's just reopening or barren times or shoulder season, whatever you want to talk about is where we need to make the otas work for us.

About a special feature

In today's episode, I want to share something from the latest travel trends and stats from Airbnb. A host who adds laptop-friendly workspace earn 14% More Bookings from those that don't. Now a laptop-friendly space feature is definitely because of the workcation trend that is on the rise. It's always been around workcation digital nomads, but it's growing rapidly going to the moon, so to speak, in 2020, because so many people that were working in office blocks office locations, because of the pandemic, were told that they can work from home. And a lot of people who are still doing that right now have realized that just because they're working from home doesn't mean that they have to work from their home. There are so many people in America, all over the world now who are travelling to work. Now whether this is solopreneurs, or whether this is a member who's got no family members, or maybe they're travelling with a family. This is a very common type of book right now.

What hosts can do to have this feature

So what can you do in your existing setup to appeal to these guests and have this feature? Now, again, a lot of the times it can be simply just at a dinner table, having in a chair and just making it look like you've got a laptop space, you can go really overboard and you could get in some stationery, you could get a printer, a scanner, etc. but rarely make their life easier. You could even put in a ring light, something that you know because everybody now is doing zoom and all these sorts of things, you can add a ring light, but whatever you're going to do, if you're going to add it into your property, make sure you talk about it. Make sure you mention it in your description right at the very top, you may even want to put it in the title.

So a word like workcation, so many more people now know what that's all about. So you can even put private office space or private working space or private laptop desk in the title to make it really stand out. And in the first five or six images that you present on Airbnb, make sure that one of them is a picture a really nice picture, really nicely done, have a laptop on a desk, maybe some papers, so people then recognize that and associate that with workcation.

So again, just want to go over that stat the recent information that was shared via Airbnb host to add a laptop friendly workspace earned first 14% More Bookings than those that don't. So again, when everybody's zigging, you zag and it could be really beneficial for you.

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