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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 155. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about why I am the Direct Booking Guy.

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I have now been talking about direct bookings for five years, pretty much every day of every week of every month of every year I've been talking about the power of direct bookings benefit has to you in your business and hosts all over the world. Even at times when I fall, I've been talking about this for so long. How many more times do I have to keep talking about it? I'm always reminded of a podcast that I listened to. And the podcast is masters of scale by Reed Hoffman, he was one of the people who founded LinkedIn. And he, it tells a story of how one day one of his managers came in saying, Listen, we've been pushing the same message to our staff time and time again, for weeks and months and years now. Hasn't it sunk in? And he said, No, you have to keep talking about it, you have to keep promoting it, you have to keep saying the benefits and reasons why we are doing this. And it always reminds me of that to keep talking about and it's a message that you need to keep pushing to your guests, and telling them the benefits of booking direct.

Why I do this

Now I explain it to you and I show you the tools, the tactics, the training, and give you the confidence that you can go and get your own booking. And so not only are you saving money, making more money, because you're not having to spend a lot in commission costs. But you're also making sure that the booking is in your terms means you can have communication, it's on your rules, there's no middleman, there's no third party. There's no customer service team to have to deal with. If something goes wrong. There's no x y Zed. And I will always keep talking about this. But all the days, the months. The years that I keep doing this, I will keep talking about direct bookings and the power of it, I will show you how to use the otas and not to make them use you. And you need to in return keep spreading the message talking about on social media on the Instagrams or Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, whatever you're doing to explain to your future potential guests, or your previous guests, when they book with you. This is why you book direct, and not only when they book with you. But when you're booking your next holiday your next staycation your next workcation. This is why and this is how you do it.

I'm so happy to see so many people posting on social media and tagging me in so I can see the hundreds, if not 1000s of you that are doing this. And it's great to see the #bookdirect, have more and more and more people talk about it on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter example. So just keep on going. Even at a time when you think Listen, I've talked about it so much, you there may be one or two or 10 or 100 or 1000 people that have never heard you speak about it before. And that's the beauty of social media. That's the beauty of the reach. Sometimes people see it, they will have never heard of you before, but will and it will stick around and they'll keep coming back. And they may not book with you directly. They may book with somewhere else directly. But at least it's more hosts that are getting direct bookings, and having to cut down on our reliance of the otas which is what we're doing this for. So what I'm doing this for to show 1 million plus hosts how they can get more direct bookings.

So this is why I keep doing these daily podcasts. So do stick around. If this is the first time you're listening to this, hit the thumbs up button. Subscribe. Make sure that you share this as well with another host whether it's in a Facebook group, LinkedIn group, social media account, even if you just email or text. I'll be back tomorrow with another episode but until then, stay proactive, don't be reactive. And I will be back tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by

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