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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 47. This is a recap of my Facebook live video where I talked about a game-changer in the world of hospitality.

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This is Episode 198 of the Boostly podcast, two away from 200. And I don't normally do this. In fact, I never do this. But this episode is going to be purely talking about a product and a service that we offer in Boostly that I would love for you to get in contact with us about and I'm talking about Boostly website design, where I don't know if you noticed or not. But we had a market leaders or one of the market leaders on hospitality websites for all the industry. So we help hotels, we help guest houses we helped single rental properties. We help multiple rental properties. We help property managers we help glamping sites. We've got people on our books that have got one property, we've got people on our books, that have got 300 properties, we help everybody. And we have been very busy over the last couple of months putting together a new offering with what we do here. We've had developers we've had programmers, we've been working nonstop behind the scenes to put this together.

Big problem in this industry

And the big problem that we have in this industry is that you've got a PMS website, or you've got a WordPress or a Wix or a Squarespace website. Now the PMS providers, they provide a free website with their service. It's a nice selling point to say Listen, you get a direct booking website, when you sign up to our PMS. The problem is that PMS website is crap. It's a glorified landing page. It does nothing. It gives you no power. It gives you no control. You can't add in some of the more advanced features as in chatbots or anything really that you want to do. You've got to stick to that template.

The beauty of WordPress

So what most people do is they go get a WordPress website. They go get a WordPress website, they ever get a designer to do it, which is us or they go and do it themselves. And they try on WordPress they get frustrated with WordPress because it's so hard to do and then they go to Wix or Squarespace. Wix and Squarespace again, crap glorified landing pages, they do nothing. And again, you may have more control. But again, Google doesn't look at them as favourably as it does WordPress. WordPress is the most used CMS platform that is out there because over 61% of all websites in the world use WordPress. There needs to be a WordPress website. If you want your business to do anything when it comes to online visibility, not a problem.

And this is a problem we've had for two years of doing this is that the host will go and put all of that information into the PMS. Then we have to go and duplicate on the WordPress website. So it's a lot of copy, paste moving over making sure it all matches up. So it's a massive time suck for you, the host and for us as website designers and the team that we have. And we are obviously now helping people, I've got multiple properties and add into their portfolio. So they're having to update their portfolio and are having to come and update their Boostly website. So it's a massive time suck.

How we fixed the problem

So we have gone away and gone right. Well, what is that massive time? So can how can we fix it? So we fixed it, we have been able to utilize API's, and we've created some stunning code in the background. So what we're able to do now is we're able to link directly into your PMS provider, through API through fancy technology. And with all this wizardry that goes on, is that when you add properties to your PMS, they automatically show up in Boostly, your Boostly website is now a mini OTA.

Game-changer for multiple rental properties

I'm directly speaking now, to those that have got multiple rental properties, our website service is going to be such a massive win for you. And I love to create Win Win wins. So it's a win for you, because you get a website that you can be proud of it is guaranteed to turn lookers into bookers. And it's a win for us because we have massively been able to cut out a massive time suck in our process and yours.

And but the final thing I want to tell you about is the win for the guest. This is the final win. Because what we're able to do and why we're creating this API, I had a word with Tom, who's our head of website design and our team and said, Listen, if we're going down this rabbit hole, and if we're doing all this hard work, why don't we try and box off the final thing that has been a massive problem with all of these guest booking processes from a direct booking website is the actual book in itself.

Now, if you look at the current services that are out there, as soon as you go on to a website, and you click book, now it takes you to the PMS booking engine. And if the PMS is booking engine isn't up to scratch, then it massively halts the process. If you've ever looked at the guest booking process, and again, I've got a book coming out this year talking about the guest booking process, the key factor is number four out of five, four is the actual booking part. And this is where so many people lose a booking, because the actual guest booking process, the most important part is very fragmented, it's very stop, start, it's not clear, it's not easy to use. And if it's not easy to use on a desktop, or if it's not easy to use on a phone, then a guest will leave and when they leave, they don't come back.

So we have now created the final piece of the jigsaw which is why I'm so excited about it. And which is why I wanted to dedicate this episode talking about it is that now where we can make it happen. And it all depends on the PMS that you use and the API that is there. But we are working and we are making more relationships with so many of the PMS providers that we have been able to make it where it guests can begin and end the booking process on your Boostly website. And the cool thing about it is that because we're doing it on our terms, we're doing it on our world is that you can add in pixels, you can add in retargeting, so if a guest gets to the booking page, and doesn't book and leaves, then you can follow him around the internet with Facebook ads and Google Ads if you choose.

So this has never been available before. And we're the first to create this. And we are leading this movement and we are leading the direct booking movement and I'm so happy and so proud of the team to be able to put it together. Now as always I am the mouth and I'm talking about and I'm dedicating this one episode to it. So I've done 190 episodes, you can give me this one episode.

Book a call with us

Now, if you want to book in a call to see if we can work with you go to or Please do go check it out please book on a phone call with us and we'll see if we can help you doesn't matter with your guesthouse hotel, one rental property 10 rental properties 15 rental properties two rental properties or 1000 rental properties we can help you. It's time to make this website game take a step up and we're going to help the industry increase their direct bookings.

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