The technology available to hospitality owners in 2021/2022

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 390. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about the technology available to hospitality owners in 2021/2022.

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We've got one property, we've touched a set up at the moment, which we tested out at the moment with a digital guidebook, it certainly is. Certainly helping to make it very easy for guests or that particular property is probably something we're going to look to roll out. But in the meantime, we've actually created a system where we have all of the information that guests may need in one place. So anything that the emails that go out, for instance, we send them our top recommendation, and that will link to our website blog, and it gives them all the best recommendations for where to go, what do we, you know what to feel like that side of things.

When it comes down to other tech that we use, we regularly use things like ring doorbell, it just helps us with security and with the worst thing as a host is to know that you've got somebody booking for one person and they turn up with seven. And since we've had the ring doorbell, it's really helped us with monitoring the properties and noise levels, how many people come and go and, and also, it's helped us with surprisingly, it's actually helped us with neighbours as well and things like that our relationship with neighbours.

Loom video

So other tech that we really recommend once somebody has booked is using things like loom to a degree where we actually send out a welcome video. So one of the things we want to try and do is get higher reviews from people or the best reviews as we can. And one of the problems with a lot of automation is that it is so automated, people just see the same email come out all the time. So we've started to adopt this where if anyone books more than, you know a long stays for 10 nights or more, we'll jump on the call on the phone with them straight away and ask what the reason behind that booking is we for every book that goes out, we send out a welcome message, a Loom video where it's actually got us welcome them, just giving them a bit information about who we are, and saying that we're really looking forward to hosting them and just really thanking them, just giving them a bit of a face to the business.

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