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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 340. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about the most requested search on Airbnb.

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Bizarrely, there's one thing that your guests are searching for more than anything else that will heavily impact how many times you will appear in the ranking. And we're going to delve into that today in the Boostly podcast.

So the one thing surprisingly, that your future potential guests are searching for more than anything else is one night stay. Well, let's refresh that flexibility. One night stay has come up a lot. And it can be for a number of reasons. I know what you instantly may be thinking as soon as I say one night stay, you instantly go, Oh, that's such a faff, such a hassle, but people are willing to pay for it. Now if you're in a very fortunate position where you're not doing all the cleaning, you've managed to scale up your business and outsource and delegates and clean code, you've got a cleaning company, what you can do is you can set a very high price for just a one night stay. And I know people that that do this, they they mark up you know 50 60 70 80% so they can justify the cost of doing this.

If somebody wants to book for two nights, and it instantly gets more readjusted to what your normal rates normally are three nights, four nights, five nights 28 nights, which is a new thing that Airbnb are looking for. Due to the last year, a big increase of people whether it be digital nomads, people in between homes, we're looking to stay for 28 nights plus. So again, if you can have a house, and if you've got space in your calendar for 28 nights, have it as an option on Airbnb, because a lot of people are now searching for this. And there may be other hosts in your area who haven't got that 28-day window.

How to be flexible with your calendar?

So how can you be flexible with your calendar? But how can you manipulate it? So you're never losing out? How can you manipulate it so you are never suffering your business for this. And again, one-night bookings are not nice for a faff. But again, if you are in a position where you have a cleaning company, and you've been able to outsource this and get yourself out of doing the business, so to speak, then how can you take advantage of it by pumping the price up for one night because people will book it, people will pay it. But you just need to manipulate the system. Again, it's all done in your pricing. We spoke about pricing before. And again, this is where tools like dynamic pricing tools, wheelhouse boy, price labs beyond etc. They do really well for this.

So again, for a lot of you who are very set in your ways now, two nights, three nights, minimum, seven nights, minimum whatever nights minimum, then you know, I'm not gonna change your mind on this. But those of you that are thinking about one-night bookings, just to know that there is a massive need for it. But make sure that when you do it, you don't schoolboy yourself at the same time.

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