The most powerful four words you will use as a business owner

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 366. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about the most powerful four words you will use as a business owner.

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00:40 Do you know anyone?
01:40 Why are these words powerful?
03:00 Put it into practice
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This is going to be called my signature whether I like it or not I talk about this all the time, any podcast that I go on any topic that I do. It happens in most of my podcasts that I personally do. Number seven is the power of Do you know, anyone?

Now what do I mean by that, these four little words are going to change your business, hands down. Especially if you've got availability coming up. Now, those of you that are in the Boostly Academy, for those of you that are members of the Boostly content creator, because you know right now that there's an email template, you can go and copy, paste, personalize and send out to your guests. And the whole email template is around. Do you know anyone?

Why are these words powerful?

Number one, this social proof. When a friend recommends something, it's so extremely important to business getting business, we could do all the fancy marketing tactics that there is you could create a compelling Facebook ad, you could send them to a website that's all singing, all dancing, you could have the state of the art automations and pop-ups and all other things, YouTube videos and all the malarkey.

The best, the most effective way of getting business is getting a recommendation of a friend, family member or co-worker. And hopefully, over the last three months, you've had bookings, you've had good solid bookings, you've had lots of bookings, and you have gathered. And if you've been doing it, right, gathered an email list together, you've gathered phone numbers, maybe whatever it may be.

Put it into practice

Now what we can do is we can start to put it into practice. So these four little letters are everything. Do you know anyone so for example, if you're going to send an email out, and I don't recommend doing this to everybody, but what I want for you to work out, go back on the last three months, and look at your reports, and do a guest report and work out the 80-20 rule. So you're looking for the 20% of guests that are brought in 80% of your profit, or 20% of guests are brought in 80% of your amazing reviews are the best feedback that you got our personal messages are just really nice people. And you'll start with them. So they could be it could be two people, it could be five people, it could be 10 people start with these. And all you're going to do we could either email them or if you feeling confident, send them a voice note on WhatsApp by feeling even more confident pick up the phone and give them a call. And it's going to go along the lines of Do you know anyone that would like to call my service? Do you know anyone that's coming to the area? Do you know anyone x y Zed? The power of Do you know anyone is so simple. And if you do it to five or 10 people to start off with?

It could be along the lines of Do you know anyone who needs a holiday this winter? Do you know anyone who needs accommodations, you know anyone has come to the area. If you do up to five or 10 people you're ever going to get one of the few answers. Number one, they're going to reply back saying sorry now I'll keep an eye out which is great. Number two, they'll just run reply to him. Number three, they'll say yeah, I do actually, my best friend or parent or cousin or whatever is looking for accommodation, I'll recommend you and if you reply back to that is fantastic. Thank you very much. Feel free to give him my phone number here's my email address if you like if you want to give me their details and I will contact them by the way. If they do book on the back of your recommendation, then I love to say thank you. So what we do is we do x I carry a bottle of wine if a bark or Amazon vouchers, whatever you want it to be. So I find I always find that it's good to give an incentive and I've always done it with the Grainary, I've done it with Boostly. And it always always works because again people will say nice things about you. People will recommend you and if you can say thank you in any way shape or form. It just makes them feel happy and more inclined to do so in the future.

What you can start doing

If you've got gaps coming up, and if you're not confident in picking up the phone, like say you can send an email if you're switched on and you've got things like MailChimp set up like an email marketing software, you've got tons of emails and you've got them everybody tagged and simulate, fantastic. send out a group email, if you've never done this before, and you're just going to send one on one emails, fantastic. Find that person, you're going to send an email to put together a little email and send it off.

And don't be scared. Don't think you've been scummy or salesy or anything like that. All you're doing is asking for a recommendation. Every big company does it. Everybody does it. So why don't you do it as well. And it works in so many different ways. And that was a lot of people in here are doing serviced accommodation or rent to rent or rental arbitrage whatever you want to name it, where you need to grow your portfolio. So maybe you're still on two or three and you want to get it to five or six or 10 This works the same with the landlords, the people that you're renting your property off or even if you're doing a co-hosting whereby the management model with pick up your phone, give them a call, send them a message and just say hey, we're getting a big demand. We're looking from our properties Do you know anyone and it works in both ways. So give it a go.

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