The main benefit of online advertising for your business

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 362. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked the main benefit of online advertising for your business.

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Change or amend your marketing. Now, the beauty of the internet is that it's flexible. The beauty of the internet is you can change it like that. It's not like when my parents first opened the farm way back in the 90s when it was heavily reliant on print advertising, where in January or February, you were to sign off on the advert for a whole year and it stayed like that for the whole year. Now you can change your website like that, you can change your Airbnb listing like that, you can change your Facebook page like that.

Advertising on the slow season

When it comes to the slow season, when it comes to maybe fall or winter, or spring or summer, depending on where you are in the world and the Aussies are really going to mess up my explanations and how to explain seasons here. Obviously, you're coming to your summer. But this is where you need to start to change the pictures and the layout and the things that you have.

For a lot of people, you think it's such a pain in the ass. I've never done this before, but some of you who are already on the ball with this, and I've got a dropbox folder for autumn and winter, and you've got a dropbox folder for spring and summer and you could literally just change the pictures as you go.

But if you think about it, if you're now starting to think about winter vacation, or fall vacation, and let's just say northern hemisphere for this. So if you're just now starting to think about and you're starting to think about winter, and you're going to do a bit of research, you wouldn't want to be looking at a property that's got a bright blue sky swimming pool, you know, hot everybody's in shorts and T-shirts because that's not what people are going to relate to.

So with your pitches that you put on your website and I'm thinking of the first image so the first image that people come out when your website loads up if you've got a current picture right now that is of bright blue skies a very summery feel to it, you can now start to go and change it to a more of an art and feel you can maybe go start to feel have a more winter feel.

So again, you feel about log fires, hot chocolates, etc etc. If it's winter and you're in a snowy location, this is where you're going to start now to get your beautiful white snowy pictures.

But I would start to amend your website now and you can definitely start to earmark a date when you will start to change and amend the pictures on the otas as well now I say this with the otas because I'm assuming right now seeing recording this on Tuesday the 24th of August is that you're all fully booked or you've got guests you know well into say September and what you're starting to looking for now is all wintery bookings.

So amend and change your marketing never just set and forget. And the cool thing is is that if you act now or if you act in the last three months of this year, is that when it comes to the next year 2022 you will be in a beautiful position where you have your spring and summer folder on Dropbox or Google Drive right here. And you'll have your, your winter and your fall, as well.

Amend the words in your website

Now another thing that you can look to amend is the words or the copy that is on your website, or the pictures and the words that are on your listings. So again, right now, again, with, obviously you're very restricted in what you can put in in the words that you use. But with Airbnb, you get more of a full range with the text and a copy that you can use. But if now if you're focusing on you know, how close you are to the beach, or the amazing outdoor activities that are available in and around your area, change wording to be more, you know, have something to do in fall and winter. Maybe focus on more of, you know, board games, you know, log fire, hot tub, we'll definitely talk about things like how to later on, but start to have a different copy, but you can just copy and paste. And again, the beauty of Google Docs, or Microsoft Word, if you fancy that is that you can have the copy ready to go so you can just copy paste and personalize. Again, the internet, social media, your website, your listing sites, the copy can be amended like that. So again, it's it's definitely something that you need to start doing.

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