The Importance Of Regularly Updating Your Hotel Photos Online

The Importance Of Regularly Updating Your Hotel Photos Online

When was the last time you had photos of your property taken?

This year?

Last year?

More than two years ago?

Remember this piece of ancient hotel marketing wisdom: “A picture is worth a thousand words!”

When a new potential customer comes onto your website, listing site, or OTA page, they are expecting to see the latest photos of your property. If your photos are out of date, then their first impression is an instant put off. Want to learn how to take the “ideal room photo”? Then read this first! Haven’t got the time? Then hire in a photographer to take the photos for you. Haven’t got the budget to hire a photographer? Then read this!

Updating your photos refreshes your content. Google and the search engines prioritise that. (In case you’re not familiar, content is just a word for new stuff on your website). By adding new photos, you are increasing your chances of your business being seen more on Google. For content marketing related tips, check out this blog.

The OTAs also love new photos. Remember, we are in this to make OTAs work for you, not the other way round. Get higher up the rankings on places like, and you can attract new customers who wouldn’t have heard of you before.

Here’s a big tip: Get people into your photos. An empty room evokes an empty hotel or guesthouse. Guests love to see happy, smiling, people in photos.

The Importance Of Regularly Updating Your Hotel Photos Online

Try and incorporate personal cheer into your property’s photos. If you don’t want to use guests, get staff involved. Maybe ask some of your friends to come on down and pose for some pictures. If that doesn’t sound like a good idea, hire some local models or extras to appear in your photos, or ask around on local Facebook groups.

Most importantly, you need a photo of YOU on the website. The reason why the independent hospitality industry thrives is because our guests love that we aren’t faceless organisations. Social sells. Never is this truer than in our industry.

Why do your guests return? Is it because of the food or that comfy mattress? No! It is because of you and your staff. I recently posted about how to improve guest experience, which I recommend that you check out. To help a potential guest get an idea of the place where they are going to be staying, make sure that either on your homepage or on the About Us page, there is a photo of all the members of permanent staff.

If you need any help or advice on anything I have spoken about above, get in touch with me at I can help point you in the right direction of a great local photographer who specializes in room photos.

If you want access to my highly useful training videos on hospitality marketing, click here.

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