The biggest concern your future guest has right now

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 65. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about the biggest concern of your future guest.

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01:50 All about safety
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There was a recent survey, a sentiment survey done by field travel is one of many they've been doing over the course of the past year. And every time that they do this, they want to gauge what is the sentiment of your travellers, your future potential guests. And there is one word that is basically catapulted to the top of your guest concern. And it is this is safety.

All about safety

So a year ago, or even six months ago, or four months ago, that would have been cancellation. So can they still travel, what would happen if restrictions were lowered etc, we're now getting to the point where governments are coming out of these going out and going back in have lockdowns as strict as what they have been doing as readily as what they have been doing. And now people are more confident that they can travel, especially with you know, travel insurance and etc. But they've got backing them up. Now it is the safety aspect again, which is which is really interesting.

What hosts can do

So what can you be doing on your listing on your website, on your social media to talk about the safety aspect? So when a guest arrives on your property, what have you done to make sure that these properties are clean, secure and safe. Again, we had to battle with this last year. You know, things like putting remote controls in jiffy bags, etc. By leaving a sign on the door to say that the property has been cleaned, you've got to be demonstrating this again. So this is a really up to date concern of your future potential guests. So make sure that you are still putting it out there that the properties are clean, everything is safe and secure your family, they are all going to be safe when they arrive at your property. You just got to make sure that you communicate is now I know that you're doing this you know that you're doing this but your future potential guests aren't this is a sticking point with your guest right now is that aspect of it. So anything that you can do to appease it could be the difference between you getting the booking, or somebody else getting the book.

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