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The Seven Golden Rules To Turn Negative Reviews Into New Customers


The 7 Golden Rules To Turn Negative Reviews Into New Customers

Armed with relative anonymity, customers don’t hold back when they feel they haven’t been treated well, and these reviews can sting. It may be business, but your work feels personal when you’re pouring your energy into something — and someone doesn’t like it.

Here’s the silver lining, though: When people share their feedback online, they’re also giving you the opportunity to transform that criticism into new customers. By facing negative reviews head-on and graciously resolving outstanding issues, you lead with customer service. You show a growing community of people just how you run your business.

After all, no one is perfect. It’s what you do with imperfection that counts. Here’s our rundown of making the most of each bad review, so you can turn your worst nightmare into something positive for everyone.


Turn Negative Reviews Into New Customers

Never copy and paste the same message

Copying and pasting doesn’t add any value to the customer — if anything, it’s almost offensive. This choice says, “This complaint means so little that it doesn’t merit a specific response.”

Ways to Turn Negative Reviews Into Positive Results

Focus on tone and voice

When apologizing for an issue, a gracious tone is everything. Warm, appreciative language can prompt readers to reconsider a reviewer’s negative experience. In short, being gracious disarms people — even irate complainers.

How To Turn Bad Reviews Into New Customers

Prevention is key (think ahead)

Whether you are selling a product or offering a service, it is important to provide your customers with as much information as possible. Many negative reviews are the result of lack of information in a customer’s part and could have easily been avoided if information were easily available.

Learn from the process

It is difficult to keep track of everything. Negative reviews help business owners spot the few missing links in their system. This is one of the greatest things about negative feedback. Pay attention, make the necessary changes and use it as a chance to improve. 


In 2012 after a “family meeting”, my wife, one-year-old son and I moved back to the farm.  

His parents were still running the farm, but they were struggling with the new demands of small business marketing. They had always relied on word of mouth and regulars returning… but the landscape had now changed, hospitality owners are now expected to have a marketing degree to survive in this day and age.

He applied his marketing knowledge to The Grainary, and things began to take off. It was unbelievable – in 18 months, he achieved a Top 3 position on TripAdvisor, new direct bookings increased, and Facebook page was now the highest followed independently owned business in the Scarborough area.

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