The 7 Golden Rules to Turn Negative Reviews Into New Customers – Boost Hospitality Podcast

The Boost Hospitality Podcast is back for another season! In this episode, I talk about how you can turn negative reviews into new customers.

Armed with relative anonymity, customers don’t hold back when they feel they haven’t been treated well, and these reviews can sting. It may be business, but your work feels personal when you’re pouring your energy into something — and someone doesn’t like it.

Here’s the silver lining, though: When people share their feedback online, they’re also giving you the opportunity to transform that criticism into new customers. By facing negative reviews head-on and graciously resolving outstanding issues, you lead with customer service. You show a growing community of people just how you run your business.

After all, no one is perfect. It’s what you do with imperfection that counts. Here’s our rundown of making the most of each bad review, so you can turn your worst nightmare into something positive for everyone.

Online reviews are powerful. They can reach would-be customers worldwide, quickly and easily spreading the word about your business. But what if you get a negative review? Not responding to it is the most dangerous option. It doesn't really matter whether the review is negative or a positive in the end. If you don't respond, you make it seem like you don't care what your customers think.

While you are ignoring criticism and your reputation is being damaged, others are taking the situation to their advantage. They are drawing in your prospective customers. Listen to the pod for advice, and read the blog post linked below for seven ways to handle a bad online review.

Click here to read the full blog post.

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