The Story of Boostly Hospitality

The Boostly Hospitality story started like this.

“That email tip you showed me, just brought in over £5000 worth of new direct bookings for the cottage in 72 hours!!! That's crazy, thank you.”

Actual message I received.

“I've gone from 50/50 to 60% direct bookings. But all my figures are up. Bookings, amount of nights booked, amount of customers and the cost of my rooms!”

Actual message.

Are you a hotel, guest house or rental owner who is struggling to get direct bookings?

Or even finding enough hours in the day to get your marketing done?

If so, you're in the right place.

Read on, as what I'm about to share with you is going to make your life a whole lot easier while boosting the revenue of your direct booking website in 2018″.

“What's this picture about?” – I hear you ask

I love this picture.

Yesterday, I asked the 100 + members in my training group for hospitality owners to tag in where they are in the world.

Seeing where the people are who invested in the Boostly training site is crazy and hits home just to how many I am helping and how the Boostly story started.

Flashback to May 2017. That was when I decided I was going to create a place where hospitality owners all over the world could access training videos on *their* time.

These short and easy-to-digest vacation rental marketing videos will help anyone learn new tactics and techniques to make more for their business and more importantly spend less *time* doing it.

It doesn't matter whether they owned a hotel, guest house or rental, I wanted to help anyone, whatever their current ‘know-how' of digital marketing and social media, get a handle on it and shine in there own towns.

And lift the lid on how they can win back their direct bookings from the likes of, Travago and”

I started the Boostly story with a massive sheet of paper and a sharpie.

I broke everything down into the key areas that I saw people struggling.

Google Search
Social Media
Listing Sites

I had my idea for the Boostly story but I just needed to know if there was a real need.

So I sent an email out to a handful of people.

I asked the question; “Who would be up for boosting their direct bookings, learning more about how the world of digital marketing works and doing it all in their own time?”

The first two people to get back to me were Emma Louise Khan from The Riviera Guesthouse in Whitby and Gill from the Headlands Hotel in Scarborough.

It meant the world to me and will do forever.

So I decided to go for it.

I boxed off 10 days in September, locked myself away and just recorded, recorded and recorded.

When I finished, I had hours of my best training, all broken down into short 10 – 20-minute individual segments.

It was ready to test. I put the word out in the Hospitality Community Facebook group (the best Facebook group for hospitality owners by the way) and asked for some help.

I needed 10 helpul guinea pigs to watch the easy-to-digest, step-by-step videos and apply it to their own businesses.

And quite frankly…the results were unreal”

Callum brought in over £5000 in new bookings on the back of one email with a different technique I showed him.

Melanie grew her Facebook page and received loads of enquiries on the back of a competition.

Emma learned how to “bid on brand” in Google Adwords was able to cut down on the number of bookings that was coming from an OTA.

Paula's primary goal was to learn more about media and marketing; she told me that now she finally has a website where she can do that and best of all its catered for her industry.

The feedback on the videos was constructive as well.

I loved it how the messages I was getting back wasn't just “yeah, it's good.”

All ten people invested time to send me details of what worked and what needed changing.

Broke the layout down to three categories (beginner, advanced and expert)
Created printed checklists for every video so the user could follow when they came to “doing.”
Added videos that were missing

It felt like a team effort, which I loved.

I had a look around on the interweb and invested in a few hospitality training courses.

I knew right there and then what I had created was the best out there.

There is nothing like the level of training out there for hospitality owners like what I can provide and that just made me even more determined and confident in what I am doing.

To put the money where my mouth was, I inserted a **100% money back guarantee**
(Even though I was advised not to)

The way I see it if someone is going to invest in me and they fail to get a return on that investment after watching my videos, then my training hasn't worked, simple.

I'm not in this game to rip people off.

I want to see everyone who comes on this journey with me to succeed as well.

You grow – I grow – simple. That's the Boostly story.

I'm fed up with hospitality owners being told what they NEED to be doing to increase their direct bookings.

I want to SHOW them how to. I continued with the Boostly story.
January 1st 2018

I launched the training site to the world.

In my head, I set a target of 50 people to join me by March.

100 people signed up

It wasn't easy, (nothing worth it ever is, right!)

The feeling was amazing. To create something for the Boostly story and to see people not only go “yeah, that's a good idea” but sign up and part with their hard earn cash was unreal.

On April 1st I shut the door to new sign-ups as I wanted to focus on the 100 people who had joined me.

I wanted to create a private Facebook Group to go alongside the training site so it would build a community so we could all learn together. (This was ASKED for by the members, another great bit of feedback)

I also wanted to map out focused training months for the rest of the year and was determined to create something for the Boostly story that wouldn't be a course/program that you sign up for and never hear from the creator again.

I wanted to provide a service where I will continue to learn new marketing skills and then translate it so hospitality owners can understand and put it into practice.

Last month I showed everyone the power of Facebook Chatbots for the world of hospitality.

I invested in the training personally, learnt how to do it and then showed everyone in the The Boostly Community how to do it.

This month I have Paul T Devereux coming in to do some training on copywriting and using it for email marketing.

And In June I have something special lined up for the Boostly story.

The fantastic Karen Font-Garcia is coming into the group to give some mindset training tips and how to keep calm when you feel as though everything is conspiring against you.

We're about to go into “silly season”, so I thought this would be a great time to get Karen in =)
(Unless you've worked in hospitality, you don't know how crazy it gets at the time)

I want to create the ultimate place for anyone in Hospitality can go to get help and advice on the issues they are facing right now.

I firmly believe that I've got the foundations to do that now with the Boostly Training site.

Looking at the map was a massive self of achievement, but it also made me realise that there are so many more people out there that I can help.



Northern Ireland





I'm looking at you!


So that is why in a few weeks time I am going to re-open the training site for new enrollments.

I have created a new sign up process (based on the feedback from everyone that joined) that will include a 10-minute chat with me so I can help you focus on the training that you need help with right now from the vault.

With this in mind, and so I don't overdo it, I'm only going to allow **50** people through the door.

I already have three people in the queue, (which is crazy just typing that!)

So this is your chance to join me on this journey and let me help you achieve your goals for your property.

The cost is only £50 a month, and you can cancel at any time. (No contracts or any nonsense like that)

For those who would like to save a bit of money, you can pay for the full 12 months for only £450 (You save yourselves £150)

Important: Both of these options come with the money back guarantee.

If you would like to put your name down, all you need to do is leave a £10 deposit. (No time wasters please)

If you want me to send you the link to sign up type those magic words below


I forgot to tell you why the training site took off so much.

It was all thanks to the most powerful marketing tool out there.

Word of Mouth

It was all thanks to the people who joined up telling their friends about the results they were getting.

It was thanks to the likes of Mike Benwell Trevor Thompson and a few others who told EVERYONE they knew about it (Which I will always appreciate)

If you are still reading this and you know someone who is in the hospitality industry, then please let them know.

All you need to do is mention them below, so they see this.

One final thing.

In April, I spoke to 30 people who didn't sign up.

I wanted to know why.

No malice, no “WHY DIDN'T YOU SIGN UP!!??”

I wanted to know how I could improve, did I explain the message well enough or was there something that was missing from the site.

The most significant bits of feedback was “time” and “money.”

So, if you are reading this and are thinking.

  • “I don't have the time.”
  • “We don't have the money to invest.”
  • “I don’t know what I am doing”

Then here's my response

a) it's only a £1.66 a day investment and comes with full money back guarantee if it doesn't work

b) I'm going to show you how to MAKE time

c) I will show you exactly how to do it with easy to follow videos and printable checklists that will help you when you come to put the training into action.

I'm already excited about looking at the same map in the Facebook group in 3 months time and seeing all those new red dots and to where in the world I am helping.

Thanks for reading


P.s Nearly 2000 words- Wow!

p.p.s I will post the link to the training site in the first comment below those magic words again if you want to join – #BOOKDIRECT

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