1. Read the FAQ below

3. Make sure that when we speak you are in a "distraction-free" zone and you have access to a Desktop or Laptop with good Wi-Fi

Our Boostly Booking Specialists are...

Jordan Tilley

Anthony Jackson

Paul Toledo


Our pricing is straightforward, there are no surprises or hidden fees so you can make the best decision for your business.
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Only $ 62 USD per month

+ USD 6000 one time implementation fee

This is What You Get

Read our FAQ

Here are the the most important things to remember for the call.

1️⃣Have access to WiFi and be on your laptop or Desktop 🖥 

2️⃣ Go through the FAQ before the  call 👇🏼

Finally – please don’t be driving or trying to do three things at once 🤣

Commit to giving your business 30-60 minutes of undivided attention.

If you need to have a business partner to be on the call, please let us know ASAP.

If you can't remember the time or date, simply search in your email inbox for “Calendly” or email [email protected] and Iny will send a reminder.

In a word, Yes.

Actually, we are so confident that I’ve even guaranteed it.

The Boostly Guarantee ensures that if you fail to get a full return on your investment after 12 months in new direct bookings on your Boostly Website, you will get 100% of your money back. 

At Boostly, we believe that Communication is  🔑

This is why we provide you with a dedicated project manager to help you every step of the way.

As soon as the payment has been made we will begin with an onboarding document.

Here we will get the most important information that we need from you.


  • Property Management Software details (don’t worry if you don’t have, we can collect this at a later date)
  • Photos of your properties (again, we can collect at a later date)
  • Business Information

Note: You can change or update this information at any point. 

A large majority of hosts need to get new photos or amend their PMS provider when they join. This doesn't affect the process at all. 


The main thing we need to do is get started. 


Absolutely. While on average we price our website services lower than any (decent) company in our industry, we also realise not everyone has a few grand to spend upfront. That’s why we created a Boostly Payment plan. 

Plus on top, we have the money-back guarantee that ensures you will get at least a return on your investment in new direct bookings over the next 12 months, or your money back.


Of course, we don’t believe you should pay if your website doesn’t turn Lookers into Bookers.


That’s why we are the only website company in the world to have a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee 

If your website doesn’t generate a return on your investment in new direct bookings after 12 months, just contact us directly and we will issue you a full refund within 24 hours.

You can track every booking that comes indirectly from your Boostly website so you have a clear indicator of how effective it is. 

I wouldn’t worry however, on average our website clients see a 30x ROI! 😱

In a word – No.

We will only host your Website.

Who knew it was separate, right? 🤷🏻‍♂️

Your Domain and Email will remain to your account (i.e GoDaddy, Reg123, Siteground etc)

If you don't have anything setup, do not worry. 

Our support team will explain to you in detail what to do and what we need to get you live.



Do not worry, around 25% of our clients don’t have a Property management software (PMS) upon joining #TeamBoostly.

To grow a hospitality business that can scale and last it is 100% recommended that you invest in one. 

You don't need to do anything right now, but we polled 100 hosts and put together a blog on the  top-recommended PMS providers

Great question and one we get asked a lot. 

We provide the very basics of SEO for your website. 

In simple terms – we tell Google it is there.


We also add in the Yoast Plugin which is the best free tool out there for SEO. 


After that, it is your responsibility to learn or outsource this. 


We do have access to experts in this field who we would gladly recommend to you after the website build is completed.

Because the calls are visual, we will be speaking via video it will be hosted on a Zoom Video Call. 

Your direct booking specialist will send you the personal zoom link via Whatsapp closer to the call.

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