Meet Sergio

From stressed rental hobbyist to proud owner of a 6-figure short-term rental business.

Meet Sergio

From stressed rental hobbyist to proud owner of a 6-figure short-term rental business.



Listing in Revenue


Over 2,000

5 Star Reviews


+ 200%

Direct Bookings

“I was the hectic host...”

Sergio is the owner of The Jungle House, a 6 figure short-term rental business in Columbus, Ohio that attracts the plant lover guest to enjoy a one of a kind vacation rental experience.

Although plants were never a part of his original plan, they quickly became the reason guests were booking with him more and more.

  • “That was sort of a happy accident. I had so many of them that I just couldn’t keep them in my own house. So I thought I might as well decorate some of my rentals with them for guests to enjoy.”

But back when Sergio first started, he was just your average 26 year old rental hobbyist doing ALL the things…

  • The cleaning
  • The fixing
  • The guest communication
  • …anything he needed to do to keep his rentals running smoothly.

Except for one small problem…they weren’t.

In fact, it wasn’t long before Sergio realized he was actually working more than before he quit his 9 to 5 to start his vacation rental business.

“I didn’t have time for anything else in my life...”

On a typical day he would wake up in the morning spending 1-2 hours responding to guest booking inquiries.

From there it was off to clean the properties from 10am-3pm. By 4:00pm Sergio’s day was just beginning with guests checking in.

Most days ended with him staying up until 2:00am with his phone set to the highest volume so he wouldn’t accidentally fall asleep…

  • “I was in the center of a party town and Ohio State. I'd get notifications whenever the doors would open. And if I saw a door open 3 times in 5 minutes, I knew something was up. So I’d have to go outside and check the cameras to investigate…and it was honestly all so draining. I just couldn’t keep up with being “on” for that many hours a day.”

At that time, his business had all the basic parts; rental properties, a unique theme, Airbnb listings, and happy guests.

But Sergio’s business still wasn’t going anywhere.

Through podcasts and courses he learned about the importance of increasing his direct bookings. He had a single page website through his PMS provider, so why were his bookings still only coming from Airbnb?

Then one day, a text message chain with a returning guest changed the trajectory of his business forever…

  • “I just messaged them saying “hey, to save some money just use this link to book the stay instead.” But they reached back out to me and said, “We tried but it was really confusing, so we just re-booked on Airbnb.” I was so embarrassed and knew I needed to fix this issue.”

But because he was so busy doing everything else, getting a professional website was never on the top of the priority list.

That’s when he stumbled upon Boostly…

But was it really worth the price?”

From the moment Sergio found Boostly, he loved every aspect of it.

  • Being able to own your website.
  • Having a team of experts do it all for you.
  • Being tailor-made for direct bookings.
  • Customizable to match your unique brand.

But like many hosts who are just starting out, Sergio had limited revenue coming in. He was scared about whether he could commit to the investment…

“I wanted to show everyone!”

From the moment he joined Boostly, Sergio immediately felt a difference.

Instead of being given a template and sent on his way, he was greeted by an incredibly kind, caring team of experts who built everything from scratch.

All while keeping him involved in the decision-making with his wants and visions for his website a priority.

Then the moment came when he received that first draft of the wireframe…

  • “I was astonished by the results. Like I had my expectations. And I would say I have higher expectations than most. But they exceeded them 10X. knew I needed to fix this issue.”
Sergio’s Website:
luxury vacation homes
welcome to our jungle

The design was flawless and completely captured everything Sergio had envisioned for his plant loving brand to be.

  • “I just couldn't stop looking at it. I mean, I was just so proud to finally see my business turn into what I knew it could always be. And I wanted to show it off to everyone.”

“Even when I ran into issues, I had a whole team that stepped in to help…”

The launch of Sergio’s new website was off to a great start.

He had a professionally designed website, direct bookings started to increase, and guests were loving how easy and efficient the booking process was.

But like many businesses, Sergio ran into some hiccups along his Boostly journey. So he would go back to the team to run his concerns past them and get ideas on how to overcome them.

But Sergio’s biggest win since the launch of his new Boostly website was something he never expected…

  • “Anytime I would contact them with a concern they were just on it. They never denied anything or tried to place blame on me, they just showed up saying “yep, we’re on it”.

But Sergio’s biggest win since the launch of his new Boostly website was something he never expected…

“Even when I ran into issues, I had a whole team that stepped in to help…”

A little more than a year later, Jungle House quadrupled their listing in revenue and are just shy of being a 7-figure vacation rental business.

But even with all the success in metrics, Sergio finally reached what he’d been searching for since he first started.

…time back and the freedom to live the life he wanted.

Instead of spending 8 hours a day answering guest inquiries, communication goes straight to his Jungle House team. His new website was even able to implement a live chat, which also connects to their team's slack channel.

  • “If a guest contacts us through the chat, my team responds in just a few minutes. We essentially have communication coverage 24/7 and that alone has saved me HOURS of my work day.”

“Looking forward, the sky’s the limit…”

After the launch, Sergio had a lot to look forward to.

One of the most exciting is partnering with local businesses so they can enhance and improve their guests' experience. And there’s those hidden surprises he never expected…

  • “Our rentals even got the attention of some local photographers who wanted to use the space for their photo shoots. We got so many requests it ended up becoming another revenue stream which we created a whole separate web page for.”

“There’s no wrong way to do this...”

If you’re still on the fence, Sergio says to ask yourself what are your long term plans?

Some hosts prefer their rentals to live within the OTAs. And if you do, that’s great!

Some hosts prefer a PMS provided direct booking web page to supplement their OTA revenue, and that’s fine too!

“Different decisions will simply lead you to different outcomes. So it’s all about what you’re looking for in the long term.”

But if you’re like Sergio and ready to level up from that scattered hobbyist life to CEO of a professional brand, don’t wait. Start now…

  • “If you want to own a real brand, Boostly is the product that can make it official.”

Want a Boostly website done 100% for you?

Stop waiting around for the perfect moment to own your own vacation rental business. If you want your life to change like Sergio’s…you have to start now.

And remembers, ALL packages come with the Boostly Guarantee:

Make back your investment in 12 months or your money back!

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