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Boost Hospitality Marketing Podcast: Season 5 Episode Six

In this episode, I am going to give you three options on how to pick a winner for your Facebook competition, and then I will end with the best way to get direct bookings on the back of this competition.

Option 1 on picking your Facebook competition winner:

The first option is to go to a website called and insert the URL of your competition on Facebook. It will randomly choose a winner for you. If you pick this method, you should put in the T&C's that that is how you drew the winner. If you want to reward the people who entered the magic word and to get two names into the hat, then you can filter down the competition results by anyone that mentioned that in the comments. Just fill in the magic word, and it will pick anyone who has mentioned the word as the winner.

Option 2 on picking your Facebook competition winner:

The second option takes a little bit more time, and it includes a website called What you do is you tally up all of your likes and comments and all of the second chances. So let's say that number is 1000, you fill that in. Then will give you a number between 1 and 1000, and then you open up the comments and the like box, and you count down to the number it has been given to you and then when you get to it, you will have your winner.

Option 3 on picking your Facebook competition winner:

Manual picking

The third option, which is the most time consuming, is for you to write down all the names, likes, and second chances, or put it in an excel sheet and print it out. Cut the pieces of paper out and put them into a hat. And what you do, is you go live on Facebook and draw the competition winner out. What this will do is that it will make your engagement go crazy.

After you've got the winner, you're going to set up the chatbot or your MailChimp to send an email out to announce that the winner has been published on your Facebook page, and thank everyone for entering. Then give a consolation prize, such as 20% off or get the third night stay free when you book for two nights, etc. Try to think of something exclusive that is not out there. Don't forget to put in fear of loss, saying it's only for the first five people, or the offer is only valid for the next week or so. It will turn a looker into a booker, and you are more likely to get direct bookings than if you would thank them on Facebook when the competition is over.

To learn more and take part in the competition, go to

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