So what is Airbnb Pro? Why do you need to activate it?

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 377. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about AirBnB Pro.

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So I was in a Clubhouse room, the lunch and learn. It's on Thursday at 1pm. Eastern, which is in the evening here in Spain. And these clubhouse rooms have got so many people from so many different walks of life from so many different stages of their hosting journey. And as a question that keeps coming up, and I'm still amazed that it comes up, but it's very important. It's why I wanted to do an episode on it. And I love these clubhouse rooms, because a lot of the times I sit back and just listen, listen to the questions because it gives me help. And it gives me something to talk about on a daily podcast.

About AirBnB Pro

One of the questions was about Airbnb, and the Pro Tools, the pro hosting tools. And a lot of people didn't know where this was in their accounts or for you know, let me show you how and why you need to do so. So first and foremost, how do you find it so let me share my screen, make sure you logged in on Airbnb, all you're going to do is you're going to go into your dashboard, and you're going to come to professional hosting tools, you're going to come down you're going to click on Manage and all you're going to do is you are going to activate it'll ask you a couple of questions. But once you are done then you are good to go. So accounts professional hosting tools and then go and turn it on. Now when you turn it on, you get the option and you get the ability to have much more control over your Airbnb account and you can have access to more features.

AirBnB Pro Features

So for example, you are going to be able to number one connect it up to a PMS which is 100% recommended if you don't know what PMS means go and check out shows you the importance of having one on why every host needs one. But when you've also done that, then you are accessible to more and more amazing features and tools that Airbnb give you access to. In April, Airbnb reached out to me because they wanted to do a joint webinar where Airbnb could show host a power of what they have got behind the scenes and whatnot. And it was really cool to sort of see what is coming up and what Airbnb are going to be working towards. And one of the big takeaways in the big feedback was that if you haven't got the tools, the Pro Tools set up, then you need to go and do so you do get access to more of the features that make Airbnb better for hosts. So it's totally free to do. It's simple enough to do so. But it will give you that more of a professional look. And I do think that there are so many people now who believe that Airbnb is still for people who are renting out a spare room or people that are just doing this as a part-time hobby.

I think if you go in on it with a professional-looking business or professional looking profile, a professional-looking listing, all that you're going to do is you're going to encourage people to find out more about you. We all know how many people start a search on But then will go run a Google search to find out more about you in the business. And I think we're starting to get to the point now with Airbnb as well where people are going to start doing that.

If you need help on how to switch a potential OTA booking to drive people from Airbnb to Google to find your website. I have a video on this YouTube channel. Just type the search in and put Boostly YouTube and it will come up.

But for that, I want to now pass it over to you. What do you find the benefits for you for having professional tools on your Airbnb account? What do you like about it? What don't you like about it? And what feedback can you pass on to hosts.

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