Sharing the Results of A Kingsumo Giveaway [Case Study]

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Episode 334. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I shared the results of a Kingsumo Giveaway.

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If you've been following this podcast on a regular basis, you will know that I am doing lots of little Boostly tuneups with members of the Boostly community all over the world. And for one host in the UK, we have been running a giveaway a social media giveaway to get more eyes onto the business. And we've finished a giveaway, we've announced and awarded the winners. And they've been contacted. And I wanted to share with you a couple of results and how it means the business owner that we have helped can work in the future. So let me share my screen.

Kingsumo giveaway results

Now, as you will know that we've been using King Sumo now if you have not watched any of the previous videos, please do go back on them. They massively will give you a bit of context of what we've been doing.

So by now, you will know that Hostfully is the proud exclusive sponsor of this award-winning podcast and I've told you about their great software solutions. But one thing that has really impressed me is their customer satisfaction survey. So I was doing a little digging around. And I could see that the overall popularity is 90 to 94%, which is very good, which is very high for a software platform out there today. So if you're a host, and you need a little bit of help and guidance, getting more boarded and run in short term rental business, and you want to go to an award-winning platform, go check out Hostfully, make sure you tell him Boostly, thank you, and massive thank you from me to all the team for being such an amazing sponsor of the Boostlypodcast.

Kingsumo was really good for a couple of reasons. Number one, it takes it off Facebook, it takes it off Instagram, it takes off the platforms where scammers and bots are trying to get at your followers on that we've talked about this in detail in the past Facebook still have done nothing about it. So by doing on King Sumo, we take it off-platform.

Another big benefit is that to enter the giveaway, the person has to give up the email address and sign up to your list, which is great. Obviously, if you've been listening to me a lot over the last couple of years, you will know that my favourite marketing tactic out of all of the marketing tactics that you could possibly do is email, it has a will and forever will be the most important form of marketing your business.

And again, with this, it was all about getting people on the mailing list. And then once they're on the mailing list, putting an offer out there and just letting them know more about us. And again, with Inn on the Wye, Louise's now access to email templates, because she's part of the Boostly Academy, she's got access to tutorials on how to use MailChimp, and how to automate the process for when she runs it again in the future.

Giveway results

So let's just go through the results. So 24 people minus me, because I entered 23 people entered the giveaway that's 23 email addresses. Now if Louise works out these emails, and proper nurtures them, and you know, educates them about the business and what they do. And not only the accommodation side, but the Pope and also all the wedding facilities in the function rooms. There's an easy way that those 23 email addresses could bring in at least four if not five figure investment back into the business.

That's how powerful email marketing is. As you can see here, it says 181 entries, which means I've shared it on social media, they've shared it on Instagram, they've shared it around the world. So they've made it go a lot more popular by the people entering the giveaway sharing. And again, if you don't know what that means, please do go back on the previous videos, because it will explain to you how that happens.

So I've been really impressed. And again, you may be looking at thinking only 24 contestants. Well, that's 24 email addresses. That's the main thing to look at this. And if you do this every four, six weeks, that small consistent gains, alongside everything else that Louise is doing with a pop up on the website, guest data collection at the point of arrival into the property, it means that we're going to start to grow this list from 200 to 300, to 400, to 500, to 600 and beyond.

So again, I've been really encouraged by this. And I am looking to run a big social media giveaway training in the month of September. So if you are interested and if you'd like to find out more about that, I'll run it over five days, it'll be totally free. I'll guide everybody through the process. We'll do it as a group accountability training. I'll have other people from the world of Boostly helping me to help you and if it sounds good, all you need to do is send me an email [email protected] with just the word King Sumo and let me know why you're interested and I will look to put some on in September.

And if I get enough interest, I'll put it together some time in the month of September. so Louise fantastic work thank you so much for letting me run this through the business and everything and congratulations on getting email signups which is great. Now I'll pass it over to you tell me exactly what you would give away if you're going to run a giveaway for your business on social media.

Alright, I'll be back tomorrow with another boosting podcast episode. Until then, stay proactive, do not be reactive and let's go and get some direct bookings

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