Secrets to improve e your site’s speed to reduce your website’s bounce rate


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Do you find that when people visit your website, they leave within seconds and without visiting another page on your site? The speed with which your potential customers leave your site is called Bounce Rate. The reason could be that your website takes too long to load. Its site speed is lagging.

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Site speed is the amount of time from when a user clicks the link to your site to your page becoming visible on their phone, tablet or desktop.

If you find that you’ve got a high bounce rate, (and you can check this in Google analytics), then you are definitely missing out on bookings.

With people’s attention spans dwindling, site speed is crucial to keeping a user engaged and on your site. Scientists in Canada ran a survey and concluded that over the last ten years, our attention span has been reduced from 12 seconds to 5!

I have found that if a website takes more than 10 seconds to load on my phone, then I click back, assuming that the website is broken. Your potential guests probably think the same way. 


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How to check your site speed & see if it’s an issue:

First, visit this URLIt’s Google’s FREE page speed checker tool. It ranks your website load speed out of 100, as a rule, anything less than 90 needs work. 

The most common error that slows down sites is image size. You get new, fancy photos of your property and you want to show them off to the world. You upload them to all of your listing sites, social channels, and your OTAs. But your website doesn’t compress your images to the optimal size. As a result, the new, high-quality photos will really slow down the speed of your site. 

How to fix this:

I use a WordPress plugin called image optimiserIt automatically reduces the file size when I upload large pictures to my website. It’s a freemium service, so after a few images, it starts to charge. (The fee is minimal, though).

Other reasons your site speed is slow

This is where it gets technical, and if you’re not comfortable with technology, you will need the help of a website developer. I myself had this issue on my website in the past. I signed up to a hosting website site (Fast Hosts) and purchased the blog standard package. This gave me a certain amount of data that I could add to my site. I then filled my allowance with fresh photos. Just like with anything else, when you fill up your allowance, your performance gets slower because it has more to load. 

To fix this, you can either change your server or upgrade to allow more data on your website host allowance. Again, I did this myself, and it took me days to figure out. If I had gone to a site developer, it would have taken me less than an hour!

I hope this information helps you, if you need any further assistance, get in touch with me at


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