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Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 76. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about Hostfully.

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So in this little mini-series of podcast episodes, but I am putting together to showcase some of the best property management platforms out there. We have now got an award winner, which is nice. Today I want to talk about Hostfully. People assume that they are just a digital guidebook where they are so much more I know I made the impression wrongly when I first got to know the team, I always just assumed of them from the fantastic digital guidebook but, did you know that the property management platform side of what they do is actually award-winning. And I can totally see why. So over the past year, I've got to know the team really, really well. They are sponsors of the podcast from time to time, which is, which is fantastic. And I thank them so much for that. And they have definitely helped spread the word of Boostly to a large American audience. And I thank them for that. And there's a lot of people that use it, use it well. But I do know that they haven't got a massive presence, I say in the UK in Europe, especially with team Boostly. So I wanted to just showcase them today.

Pricing wise, they are on the more expensive side. But as with everything in life and business, you get what you pay for customer service, fantastic people the tools that they have at their disposal, the tools that they are bringing, they are looking, I believe this is a rumour, but they are looking to bring in a CRM, so customer relationship management, email marketing tool section into their platform, if not directly in and look into connectivity, or API or connections, etc, which is very exciting. And the tools again and the automations. And the power is very powerful. Now from the way I look at it, I always look at a guest-facing view when it comes to picking a PMP property management platform. Because at the end of the day, a good PMP a good property management platform should be giving you an online booking process in some way, shape, or form.

Hostfully experience

Very recently, again, through working with one of our hosts, they said listen, we are with Hostfully, we would love to connect up. And what we're able to do is we were able to create an experience again where the guests can stay on site. So this is a fantastic Alpine lodging. It looks stunning. But again, the booking process is so smooth, and it stays on site, which is really key part in this. And again, it looks good, the website feels good, the search is great. And again, it just means a guest doesn't have to leave. So for us, that's what we look for in a real good PMP. And again, in my research for doing this, I went to ask people that use the platform.

Hostfully pricing

Hostfully starts off at $79 a month. And that's from one property to four, when you start to jump up, it doubles in price. So five plus you start looking at $199, where we had Uplisting yesterday, that was $100 for same amount of prices. So again, a little bit more on the pricier side, but you get what you pay for. And again, it's an award-winning company. So when you become an award winning, you can you can put the prices up, which is absolutely what they've done and they deserve to understand it away. They link into all the major platforms. Again, really good team, really good people, connections everywhere that you need to go does payment bookings and all that lovely jazz. And again, the onboarding team are superb.

Hostfully pain points

One of the big pain points, I would say one of the reasons why people don't swap out their PMP on the current platform is that they think I have to start all over again, but it is a lot easier than you think. So again, if you're struggling with your current one if you're looking to switch or you're looking to get started and you know if you've got the budget to drop about nearly $200 a month on your PMP then I would definitely recommend going from if you've got any questions then please let me know. I would also love to know if you currently use Hostfully

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