Reacting to the new VRBO TV adverts

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 138. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about the new VRBO TV adverts.

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Transcript from the Episode

So you will remember a couple of weeks back that I explained to you how Airbnb spent a ton of money on their TV ads to sell their message for 2021. Well, VRBO, couple of weeks back released their ads and is following along a very similar theme. What I wanted to do is I wanted to show you and react to the video with you live on this podcast. And then we can start to put a little plan together of what you can do with similar forms of marketing. I know that I have instructed the agency who creates our social media content for our guests to follow a similar feed so I'm gonna share my screen pictures set it up as a couple with a small little baby on a beach. And as you can see from the title VRBO reunion, grandparents, my grandsons let's listen and watch it together.

My reaction

First of all, good advert good video. Again speaking of somebody who hasn't seen family for so long over 12 months you know it's been a it has been tough you know fam family, grandparents etc. So really a good emotion to pull on the emotional strings. Secondly, again, you'll notice the the the phrase which is reunion Now if we go to the VRBO channel right now if we go to the YouTube channel, some family reunion rates, VRBO reunion These aren't together again reunion surprise wedding celebrations, joyous reunion family gathering, though reunions featuring john legend, and Chrissy Teigen, etc, etc, etc. So these were a couple of weeks ago 500,000 views as a big one 3.4 1000 views 404 views, so get a bit of traction This is obviously in the YouTube channel. This is not even including the TV ads etc today would have been playing time and time and time again on a TV for better doing but now is that the common theme reunion family reunion the reconnect message from Airbnb. So again, if if you are looking at how to market the rest of 2021, and you're in a conduit starting to reopen, this should be a message that you are using, whether it's an email, whether it's your website, whether it's your social media, whether it's a whatever ad you're going to do, then distribute a message that you should be looking to put across the reconnect meeting with with loved ones, family members, friends, you name it, that should be the message that you should be looking to use and if you've got a larger property, or save it, you've got glamp sites or anything like that, again, it's you've got an extra twist on it as well because you've got a solution if you've got a large property have everybody in one place so you don't have to go to your in laws or family for you know, families or have to go into your family house, you know, you can separate spread out you don't have to freak about or stress about everybody come into one house, your house, all the mess, go to somebody else's house. But also as well if you've got a campsite, it's like a different experience like a rural experience. And these experience days as I reported a free 100% of so use this, look at what the big boys are doing. And then you can use it for your advantage in your marketing for the rest of 2021.

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