Property Management Software (PMS) Reviews by Hospitality Owners

property management softwares pros and consMaybe you already have a booking engine/Property Management Software (PMS)/Channel Manager and you are looking at moving?

Maybe you are just starting out and wondering who to go with? That’s why I wanted to put together a blog for you to show you a) who is out there and b) who is recommended.

I posted out in the Hospitality Community Facebook Group and carried out additional research to find out the pros and cons of some of the best providers out there. After that, I took the results and compiled a list of Property Management Software Reviews in the report below.


Why You Need a Booking Engine

Before we start, this video explains why everyone NEEDS a Booking engine for your business. In addition, it will also talk about the reasons why you will get left behind in 2020 if you don’t have one.




Property Management Software Companies Reviews



Hostfully’s award-winning software helps vacation rental companies provide 5-star hospitality. With property management and guest experience software for short term rentals, Hostfully helps property managers automate, streamline, and grow their businesses.
Hostfully’s Property Management Platform includes pipeline management, upselling tools, owner reporting, a centralized calendar, and a platform for widespread channel distribution.
Further, Hostfully’s Guidebooks Platform also allows managers to supply travellers with mission-critical property information and local recommendations, with a custom welcome message featuring their unique brands.
It was recently mentioned as one of the top PMS providers in the Keystone Awards by VRMB
Boostly readers can also get 2 months free when they type in boostly2m when signing up.

Free To Book


You’ve probably heard of Free To Book already since I talk it up a lot on this site. Started in 1998 by Craig Stewart, this Property Management Software is based in Glasgow and boasts 7,000 customers in 130 countries. As booking engines go, there’s not a better deal in the business – Free To Book’s basic services are free. However, the channel manager, mobile website, and other bells and whistles cost extra.

Free To Book’s customers are overwhelmingly satisfied with it. In fact, their highest praise comes in for Free To Book’s famous customer service. For example, Patricia praises them for allowing her to talk to a real person, and Paul appreciates the “lovely, friendly Scottish girls” who pick up the phone every time.

Other hospitality owners, including Kevin and Hans, love how easy Free To Book is to use. Many people I talked to enjoyed the famous low cost of the service – some were even using Free To Book’s basic offerings for free. For instance, Gillian, Roseanne and Sharon love how easy it is to get paid, whether through Stripe or FABpay. Finally, Ann loves its mobile access, whereby she can manage her hospitality’s bookings from anywhere.

Not everyone was pleased, of course. Ad pointed out that Free To Book doesn’t handle extras and packages particularly well, and a couple of people had trouble booking unusual time periods. Also, Hayley reported that she initially had trouble setting a weekly booking rate, a complaint shared by Sharon. John needed help in setting a weekly rate, too. However, Hayley and John reported that they both got great help from customer service for this problem. In addition, other users reported that it didn’t necessarily sync with all services, including Farmstay, that they couldn’t vet instant booking guests, and that the dashboard was clunky. By and large, however, my poll of Free To Book’s service showed that people are very happy with its service. See the results below!




  1. Customer Service
  2. Ease of use
  3. Low cost
  4. Easy, reliable payments
  5. Mobile access
  1. Struggles with unusual booking periods, like weeks and nights
  2. Doesn’t handle extras well
  3. Doesn’t sync with all services
  4. “Book Now” doesn’t allow for guest vetting
  5. Clunky dashboard





One of Free To Book’s most serious competitors is Bookalet. This Property Management Software isn’t free, but if you only have one or two properties, it can still be considered economical. The Lite plan covers up to 2 properties and costs £109 per year plus VAT. If you’ve got more than two properties, you’ll pay higher fees.

Of all the people I surveyed, most used Free To Book. That could be one reason that the positive responses I got about Bookalet were so numerous in comparison to the negative ones. So, there were just too few people for me to find the bad experiences. Nevertheless, it was quite impressive that almost nobody who used Bookalet had a bad experience.

Of everyone who gave me feedback about Bookalet, 70% said that their favourite part about it was its ease of use. Michaela even said that she’d never tried another system! Other praise came in for Bookalet’s professional interface and dedicated design. In fact, there was only one complaint about this booking engine: that there should be more service reps.



  1. Easy to set up and use
  2. Professional interface
  3. Economical
  4. Works well with an existing website
  5. Designed specifically for holiday rentals
  1. There should be more customer service reps




supercontrol logo

Supercontrol started in 2007 as a booking engine dedicated to self-catering holiday rentals. This Property Management Software was founded by Robert and Melinda Kennedy, who themselves ran holiday cottages beginning in 1999. The business’s growth has seen it become a preferred partner of and HomeAway. Also, they have an international office in Poland.

So here we have a booking engine that’s gotten quite large fairly quickly. Fans like Diana, Lindsey, and David like how it integrates with websites and calendars to great a seamless experience. David liked the reporting functionality, too, and Lindsey appreciated the ease of payment.

However, Supercontrol had the highest percentage of negative responses to any booking engine in my poll.  Even people who liked it admitted that it had flaws that they were content to overlook while it was useful for their business needs.



  1. Great site integration
  2. Easy payments
  3. Easy to get reports
  4. Automation is useful
  5. Customer support is good
  1. Difficult to setup




Eviivo logo

eviivo is among the most popular booking engines in use in the small hospitality world. Rentals of all sizes may use it to book guests. Like the other services we’re spotlighting here today, this Property Management Software is UK-based and provides a channel manager, payment support, and other useful extras to its users.

eviivo is another booking engine that respondents said was easy to use. For instance, Debbie and Ed both liked the diary feature very much, and Caroline confirmed that the diary makes it very easy to prevent double bookings. In addition, Ed and Barbara both really loved the card verification feature, too, and the fact that eviivo doesn’t charge a commission when you book through your own site was very popular.

This was another booking engine that got a few complaints from our seven respondents. Emma appreciated the ease of use but told me that it was pricey for the value. Nicki also found that there were limitations on eviivo’s website format that she didn’t like.



  1. Easy to use
  2. No commission when you book through your own site
  3. Card verification
  4. Mobile app
  5. Email automation
  1. Pricey for what you get
  2. Website formatting limitations




Axis Rooms

Axis Rooms Hospitality Suite

Axis Rooms has matured over many years working with both independent and large hotel chains. Around 6500+ hotels transact bookings of 250k+ room nights per month at more than 178 locations across the globe.

It is designed to serve your entire accommodation ecosystem, from channel manager, booking engine, PMS, OTA extranet, revenue manager and rate shopper.

Users liked the features that Axis room provides such as the payment gateway link that you can directly send to customers to make a payment, as well as authenticating the credit card details of the guests especially for Pay At Hotel bookings from which greatly improves in reducing no-Shows and last-minute cancellation and also fake or temporary bookings.

The friendly service and quick response for inquiries were also praised, as was the ease of use of the Channel Manager. However, some users were concerned that support for multiple child rates was not supported and that syncing should be more immediate.




  1. Easy to use
  2. All in one solution including channel & revenue management
  3. Payment gateway link
  4. Friendly and quick support team
  1. Syncing could be improved
  2. No support for multiple child rates





Frontdesk is a complete Cloud-based solution for Hotels and property managers. To date, almost 1,000,000 hotel guests have had their stay managed with Frontdesk, from the initial online booking process through arrival, onsite operations and checkout.

Frontdesk PMS provides rate & availability management, unlimited users and full reporting. The booking engine is mobile friendly and commission-free and provides up-sell opportunities to customise the guest experience.

Provides online distribution for major Online Travel Agencies, revenue management smart pricing & channel recommendations. Revenue optimisation and Reputation Management are fully integrated into the PMS.

Users of Frontdesk find it very intuitive and answers to the main needs of a receptionist or hotel managers, praising Frontdesk Anywhere as smart and easy software for small to mid-size property owners with 24-hour support. The Manager reports were praised for being very detailed to the point where with only one report you can tell almost everything. Another accommodation manager said FrontDesk (PMS) is very intuitive and answers to the main needs of a receptionist or hotel managers tasks (invoicing, check-in and reporting).

On the minus side, a boutique accommodation owner suggested that the system had complicated names for different reports which are different to other systems so sometimes it difficult for new staff to learn. One other owner complained that the front end could be more colourful and sexy in the presentation/design and that some richer customer profile options would be good.




  1. Smart and easy software for small to mid-size properties
  2. Very intuitive and answers to the main needs of a receptionist or hotel manager
  3. Great reporting answers most questions in one report
  1. Complicated names for different reports
  2. Could be sexier in the presentation/design
  3. Some richer customer profile photo options would be good



Stardekk (Cubilis)

StardekkStardekk has been developed to boost your online visibility and manage your online booking channels with ease.

Cubilis® Channel Manager connects with over 200 OTAs & listing sites, including major booking sites like, Expedia and Airbnb. It allows you to maximise your occupancy and have rates & availability instantly updated. The online reservation system is built to convince guests to book on your own website, drive direct bookings and saving money while receiving more commission-free bookings.

Stardekk attracts praise from accommodation providers for its ease of use, helpful staff and affordable pricing. The only significant criticism is that the system occasionally slows down but this appears to be a short-lived issue.




  1. Good support team
  2. Easy to use
  3. Budget-friendly
  4. Open to new development ideas
  1. Occasional system slow-downs



Little Hotelier

Little Hotelier

Little Hotelier is powered by leading distribution and direct booking technology provider, SiteMinder.

It is an all-in-one reservation and accommodation management system specifically B&Bs, guest houses and small hotels. Their aim is to help hospitality business owners and managers play the web professionally, saving on time and resource.

The Little Hotelier package comes with a powerful Channel Manager, a commission-free Booking Engine for your own website and an intuitive, easy to use Front Desk System.

B&B and hotel owners have described it as user-friendly, covering most hotel needs for reservations management. The team is also reported to be very open to improve and listen to the customers’ needs. Another plus for Little Hotelier as far as one of their long term users was service support team who are always very helpful and knowledgeable, especially as most of them are hospitality based trained, as opposed to techies.

In addition to this praise, their users also commended it for being user-friendly, with great connectivity with various booking channels and always being up to date, as it is cloud-based software.

Of course, not all customers were 100% satisfied, with the main complaints being the removal of features without consulting customers, poor follow-up when tickets submitted, cluttered and poor statistics and some issues with the automatic sending of guests emails for confirmation, etc.



  1. User-friendly
  2. Helpful and knowledgeable support staff
  3. Good channel connectivity
  1. Lack of communication about removing features
  2. Poor follow-up on support tickets
  3. Cluttered statistics



Cloudbeds (Myallocator)

Cloudbeds - Myallocator

Cloudbeds is a suite including a channel manager that synchronizes your inventory with hundreds of online marketplaces. Push updates from your choice of property management system (PMS) to online travel agencies (OTAs) in real-time. Myallocator connects with big-name OTAs like, Expedia, TripAdvisor and Airbnb.

It also has complete integration with niche marketplaces for hostels and vacation rentals such as Hostelworld and BackPackerOnline. It also includes a booking engine, revenue management and finance reporting and a payment system.

This system is popular with many users for being user-friendly and easy to understand. It is packed with features, has great connectivity with the channel manager and excellent support in case there is something wrong. One serviced apartment owner described it as just amazing and easy to use, and that they would always recommend it to friends who run accommodation businesses.

Another hotel owner said it had great financial reporting systems, very good technical support and is simple to use.

On the negative side, there did seem to be some concerns about system stability, a lack of flexibility on how to sell the same room in different ways and that it is expensive and doesn’t work well on mobile devices or have a mobile app.





  1. User-friendly and easy to understand
  2. Packed with features
  3. Good reporting system and technical support
  1. System stability concerns
  2. Lack of flexibility
  3. Poor mobile experience for users




Octorate (Easy Planning)

Octorate is an all-in-one hotel SaaS company.

Their ambition is to bring innovative hotel software technology to every accommodation facility in the world. The Octorate suite includes PMS, Channel Manager, Booking Engine and other features that help hoteliers to save time, effort and money.

Octorate claims their products are affordable, easy to use and to set-up. To find out if this is true or not, check out our users’ reviews below.

The Octorate business philosophy and approach are both the same – to allow and promote a technological revolution in the accommodation sector without asking for any big jump for their customers, both economically and culturally.

A number of accommodation providers were positive about their experiences with Octorate. One hotel manager suggesting it shines for speediness, stability, customer service and innovation. Another user reported that it was a great channel manager, with many channels, a flexible extranet with great and friendly support too.

One negative report was concerning recent technical changes which had introduced issues with pricing and the booking engine, while another reported that the meta-search connection was very buggy when introduced. Questions were also raised as to whether the system was suitable for large hotels with over 100 rooms.




  1. Good speed and stability
  2. Excellent customer service
  3. Good channel manager and extranet
  1. Concerns over technical changes causing issues
  2. Buggy meta-search




Rentals United

Rentals United

Rentals United is a cloud-based channel management solution, which assists vacation rental managers with management of online reservations and guest communications.

Some key features include room bookings, pricing analysis, messaging and data synchronization. The application enables users to list properties on multiple websites and update pricing and availability details in real-time.

They also update your pricing, photos and property information instantly and automatically. In most cases, you don’t even need to create accounts on the listing sites, as they take care of that too.

Rentals United integrates with Airbnb, Wishbox,, Expedia, Tripavisor, Trivago and more. Its connection with payment processing tools such as Stripe and HomeAway also enables hosts to collect guest payments in multiple currencies.

Feedback on Rentals United was a real chalk and cheese affair. On the positive side, reviewers said it was efficient, reliable and user-friendly with a large number of channels to link to. However this was compensated for by some very negative comments about price, but mainly about the terrible customer support and continuing difficulties connecting to some of the major channels.




  1. Good speed and stability
  2. User-friendly
  3. Connects to a huge number of channels
  1. Very poor customer service
  2. Problems connecting to some channels






Beds24 is another cloud-based solution that claims to help businesses automate the processes for booking and billing of hotels, inns, guest houses, cottages, hostels, campgrounds and more.

Key features include built-in accounting, vacation rental, channel analytics, inventory control and activities booking.

Designed for businesses of all sizes, Beds24 allows you to streamline online distribution channels and calendars. Its property management system allows users to handle lodging, housekeeping invoicing, rooms blocking and more, even from mobile devices.

Beds24 lets hospitality owners automate payment processes by sending emails and accepting funds via multiple gateways. It allows integration with third-party applications such as Google Hotel Ads, TripAdvisor, PayPal, Kashflow and more.

In their reviews, hospitality businesses overwhelmingly rated Beds24 very highly. The most common praise is about server availability, fast response from the customer service team, frequent new features added, very user-friendly and free widgets for your website. The only real downsides were reported as the complexity of the system, but the documentation and support personnel were always there to help.




  1. Good speed and stability
  2. Great customer support
  3. New features frequently added
  1. Somewhat complex to learn







ResNexus is an all-in-one solution, providing a website and booking engine to increase direct bookings. It also includes guest management, credit card processing, direct connections to various channels such as, Expedia, and Airbnb.

It also provides dynamic pricing, automatic yield management, Quickbooks export, reports and automatic email marketing.

The ResNexus reservation grid highlights reservation activity for the next one to three months,e allowing users to drag-and-drop existing reservations to a new room or date. It automatically sends a confirmation mail to both users and guests whenever a new reservation is made through its online booking system.

This cloud-based system is designed for bed and breakfasts, hotels, lodges, campgrounds, and vacation rentals.

Reviews of ResNexus were highly positive, with many users complementing them on the seamless communication between OTAs, easy to find navigation tool/tabs and great support staff who are available at weekends.

New users to the system are also helped with the configuration so getting up and running is easy. They also have excellent website designers, with website design, SEO and support included in the package.

The main downside reported by those using the system was around the high cost, whilst others didn’t find it very intuitive.




  1. Seamless communication to OTAs
  2. Outstanding customer support
  1. Relatively high cost






SiteMinder is a complete online guest acquisition platform. It helps hotels increase their reach and fill their rooms via your website and social media pages as well as OTAs. SiteMinder connects to over 400 OTAs including, Expedia and Airbnb.

The platform consists of a channel manager, online booking engine, website builder, pricing intelligence tool, and global distribution system. You may choose to use all or one of these solutions, depending on your needs.

SiteMinder also offers integration services with your existing property management system (PMS) or central reservation system (CRS) to facilitate two-way communication between platforms.

Overall, user reviews are generally positive with most praising the system as easy to use and easy to set up. Rates are easily configured for specific rooms types and channels and the spread of channels available is impressive. Others liked the flat fee approach which made things easier to budget.

The most common complaint from users, however, was how poor customer support is. This came up again and again so probably can’t be dismissed as a sporadic issue.




  1. Easy to set up
  2. Huge range of channels to connect to
  1. Terrible customer support






STAAH ConvertDirect Booking Engine is a cloud-based booking solution for hotels, bed and breakfasts, motels, campgrounds and resorts of all sizes.

The booking engine can be branded with your logos and colours, and users can configure packages, promotional codes, discounts and deals for customers. Automatic discounts can be set to appear at specific times. Customers can also create trip itineraries and book multiple hotels if required.

Reporting and analytics tools include customer conversion tracking, whilst the rate-tracking tool displays your lowest rates as well as competitors’ rates to customers on the booking site. ConvertDirect can integrate with Google apps, Stripe, Expedia,, PayPal, Clarity and more.

Accommodation providers appear to be more than happy to recommend STAAH to others, saying their customer service is excellent, the system is easy to use and connects well with a number of OTAs. Other users reported that the booking engine updated very quickly when you make rate or promotion changes.

On the negative side, there were problems with the promo code functionality but that was about it.




  1. Amazing customer support
  2. Good connection with OTAs
  1. Some issues with setting up promotion codes






Avantio is a solution for Vacation Rental managers. It offers three key features.
1. A Vacation Rental Management System (VRMS) to automate the management processes such as bookings, payments, accounting, suppliers services, legal procedures.

2. A Channel Manager to connect your properties with 60+ channels which enables you to customise the channel fares and conditions of your properties, depending on your business needs.

3. Avantio also offers customized web design service to aid in increasing online bookings.

Reviews of Avantio were overwhelmingly positive. One user commented that they had found the software to be extremely stable, reliable and had made a huge difference to their day to day operations. They also found it is easy to use, easy to teach new team members to use and the online support available is responsive and quick to resolve issues.

Many other property managers commented that it was the best software platform they had used and had excellent customer support.

There were very few complaints, although pricing was an issue for some. In addition, it was reported that Avantio took a little too long to navigate from one page to another at times.




  1. Excellent customer support
  2. Easy to use
  3. Very reliable
  1. Occasional issues with speed
  2. Maybe a little pricey



iPro Software


iPro was started in 2012 and was built specifically for a leading villa agency offering over 500 properties throughout Europe.  The platform was built on a customer relationship manager (CRM) methodology.  Putting the guests at the forefront of your business.

The platform is available in the cloud with specific user permissions for your teams including 3rd party suppliers.  iPro is an all one vacation rental software system, providing real-time automation to streamline your business.

The platform is ideal for agencies with 10 or more properties, providing key modules such as Guest Portal, Owner Portal, 3D secure payment links, automated billing, property management module and an integrated channel manager with over 60 + connections.

As used and recommended by members of the Hospitality Community

Ocean Cottages – Jane Taylor
Rent Villas Algarve – Carol Baker
Croyde Holidays 




  1. Flexible and Simple
  2. Great customer support
  1. Some Features Missing
  2. Service Updates Can Proove Trouble






Guesty is an end-to-end solution for short-term property managers. The software allows users to manage listings across the usual channels, such as Airbnb, and TripAdvisor Rentals.

The system dashboard allows property managers to consolidate their communication, generate detailed reports, analyze their business performance, process payments and more.

Guesty’s mobile app means you can utilise their features anywhere, whilst their website builder allows you to promote your properties and take direct bookings.

The software integrates with a broad range of external management tools so that users can easily sync their reservation and listing information with solutions that complement Guesty’s functionality.

As with a lot of other solutions we’ve looked at, users really like Guesty and would happily recommend it to other accommodation owners/managers. One user commented that the software was easy to navigate and use and the support continued to get better and better. They also liked that there were regular developments and that Guesty continued to innovate and move forward.

Others also found it good for the ease of linking to other booking sites and integrating the booking setup into their own website.  They liked the functionality and found the connectivity extremely well done.

Some of the main problems around Guesty include an apparent lack of testing before implementing new features, the hefty price tag, lack of system reliability and no integration with Expedia (at time of publishing).




  1. Easy to navigate and set up
  2. Regularly updated with new features
  1. New feature implementation requires more testing
  2. Price





The Kigo Marketplace platform gives you a comprehensive suite of products that automates and simplifies your needs.

The system allows you to manage your property data, booking calendars, guest communications and much more. Key features include websites, operations, owner experience, channel manager, insurance and secure online payment processing.

Kigo comes with training & free webinars as well as a dedicated implementation consultant to help you get up and running.

Reviews of Kigo were positive in the main, although a number of negative reviews reduced the likelihood of users to recommend it. Let’s look at the positives first.

Ease of use and setup were certainly the first things that came up as a positive. Equally the stable connection and the vast number of OTAs and distributors it connects to came in for praise.

One other user stated that the rate and calendar synchronisation with and the Operations Management are the most beautiful features in KIGO software. Others praised the optional WordPress web site design with sign up feature as awesome and great value.

On the negative side, let’s look at some of the feedback that users have provided when using Kigo. A lot of users were very unhappy with the support they had received. One suggesting that Kigo say they will call or email back but you’ll hear nothing and they become unresponsive. They are completely comfortable wasting the consumers time.

Others weren’t quite so critical but complained that the system was unstable, and needed constant resetting.




  1. Easy to navigate and set up
  2. Wide range of OTAs to connect to
  3. Additional website option
  1. Poor customer support for some users




Tokeet Vacation Rental SoftwareTokeet is a suite of powerful tools for channel management, rental automation, owner management, and offers a complete, fully integrated suite of products for all aspects of your rental business.

At the core is the channel manager which keeps all your channels automatically and instantly updated with the latest rates and availability. Tokeet has integrations with all the major booking channels so your listings are always accurate.

Tokeet is also a full-fledged property management system (PMS), equipped to manage all of your reservations and properties. You can send invoices with one click and accept credit card payments directly. Tokeet centralizes all guest communications, allows team coordination, tracks expenses and runs reports.

Rategenie, a dynamic pricing application, is also part of the Tokeet suite. Rategenie’s pricing algorithm can increase your rental income up to 30% or more.

This all sounds pretty impressive, and some reviewers have commented that the user interface is nice and clean and that inquiry responses are better, faster and that company letterheads are on contracts.

On the downside, and there are plenty, Tokeet had a very large number of bad reviews. In fact, nearly 60% of their reviews consider them as either ‘poor’ or ‘bad’. Let’s look what users of the system actually said. Comments ranged from the smartphone UI being tremendously hard to navigate, useless reports and escalating costs, to rude, unresponsive customer service and a system that allows double bookings.




  1. Clean interface
  2. Looks professional
  1. Poor mobile user interface
  2. Inaccurate reporting
  3. Expensive
  4. Very poor customer service
  5. Doesn’t prevent double bookings






Zeevou is an automated Hospitality Management Hub that allows you to manage all areas of your business, optimise processes, minimise human error and save time.

It has a very large suite of modules that includes Zeevou Huts – A property management system (PMS) organised in levels from national down to individual units.

Other modules include a multi-unit calendar showing all of your bookings in one view, a central database of your bookings, with all entries available to search, filter, or export as needed, the facility to manage your rates & availability on our hub. It also has integrations with over 200 OTAs, the ability to manage your check-ins and checkouts, cleaning, and maintenance tasks.

On top of this everyone have their own log-in details. Staff can track their tasks, housekeepers their cleans, and investors their earnings. Zeevou Pay has automated security deposits, 3D Secure payment links, refund and invoice management, and full integration with Xero.

Feedback from those that have used Zeevou were overwhelmingly positive, praising the system as very powerful software, and a great channel manager that does everything all under one system. Another user suggested Zeevou is the best for multiple property management with its very user-friendly interface and dedicated support specialists.

The fact that these comments were repeated by many users, especially praising the customer support, and that negative reviews were virtually non-existent, says a lot about the system.




  1. Very comprehensive suite of tools
  2. Easy to use
  3. Outstanding customer support
  1. Some concern about the cost





Nightsbridge PMS

Nightsbridge is a property management system and online booking solution. It connects your availability to the world´s top websites and agents. These include, Expedia, Trip Advisor, Airbnb and more.

NightsBridge is a service that enables guest houses, B&Bs, or independent hotels to take realtime, online bookings through any websites they choose. They provide your up-to-the-second room availability to potential guests through your own website or the accommodation sites NightsBridge partners with.

Guests can check availability, book and pay online in one go.  They provide a no-commission model on bookings taken through your own website and work on a month-to-month basis. This allows you to cancel at any time.

Users of the Nightsbridge software suite were overwhelmingly positive. Virtually everyone commented on how easy to use it is and that the customer support is also excellent. The only negative reviews, and they were very far and few between, concerned a few issues with the financial reporting.




  1. Very comprehensive suite of tools
  2. Extremely easy to use
  3. Outstanding customer support
  1. One concern around the financial reporting




Lodgify Vacation Rental Software

Lodgify claim they are everything you need to create a vacation rental website and manage all your bookings.

Their vacation rental software provides owners and property managers with the tools needed to build a website, accept online bookings with credit card payments and manage all your reservations from one place.

The solution also allows synchronization of property data with external booking channels such as Airbnb and, Expedia Group, Homeaway/Vrbo.

Those that have used Lodgify with their holiday rental business seem to come in two camps. Those that love it. And those that hate it!

In the pro’s corner, they said it was relatively simple to use, especially with mobile devices. It also has a wide range of features and widgets than many users love. You can also run a free trial too, just to see if the system works for you.

In the con’s corner, one main issue was about pricing, which seemed to creep up without warning. However, the main bugbear was around customer support. Many described it as woeful at best and some saying they’d been verbally abused on the phone.





  1. Comprehensive toolset
  2. Easy to use
  3. Great functionality
  1. Pricing not transparent
  2. Terrible customer service



These booking engines provide an invaluable service. Each one will fit certain businesses better than others, but they’ll all help you manage your bookings far more efficiently than you could do on your own. At the end of the day, efficiency means time, and time means money!





Syncbnb is the top-rated channel manager for vacation rentals with thousands of happy customers (mainly owners and managers up to 50 properties) across the globe. This tool ensures that you avoid double-bookings and synchronize rates and availability by using “cutting-edge technology, advanced AI and human-quality assurance”.


Syncbnb is one of the very few channel managers that can synchronize bookings from your own website, no matter what technology it’s built it on (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, custom site etc) thus supporting the direct booking movement and making it easy for everyone. Syncbnb offers a 30-day free trial and Zero Double Booking Guarantee, something we haven’t seen elsewhere. We should also note that they also have a few features you usually don’t find in typical channel managers like team management, advanced reports, and 24/7 support and sub 5 minute average response time for support requests.

Hosts loved the ease of the setup and that their customer service team was spot on.




  1. Average 4.9 review score on multiple review sites
  2. Zero Double Booking Guarantee
  3. 200+ channels (including your own website)
  4. 24/7 support with average 3 minute response time
  5. Fresh and modern user interface and easy onboarding
  1. Limited features
  2. Not your cheapest option
  3. Doesn’t handle payments

Other Property Management Software Contenders

Apex loyalty Onerooftop – £137/month
Ambasador Omnia feed manager
Booksterhq – £20/month Hostfully
Bookinglayer Ownerrez
Bookingsync – £225/month Octopus24
Beyondpricing Pricelabs
Bookingpal Preno
Channelrush – £34/month Productsup
Channelcenter Realtyware
Elina Resbookpro
Ezee Centrix Roombler
ezee manager Rpm pro
Escapia Rentivo – £15/month

Genkan Salsify
Hotelminder Streamline
Homesandrooms Smoobu – £19/month 30 days trial
Hotelfriend Syncbnb – £16/month/rental
Iroomi – £39/month up to 10 units Stessa
Impartner prm Hostyapp – free 1 airbnb, £8/month unli airbnb
Lodgable – free 5/5 Hostaway
Lodgix Switch
Trekadoo – £4 renter or 5% owner
Linktrust Talkguest
Liveres Track
Lodgix  Turnoverbnb – free, now £25/month
Magarental  Uplisting – £48/month, 14 day trial
Moonicorn Vreasy – £80/month
Myvr Vrscheduler

Wheelhouse pricing Yourporterapp – £7/month
Wubook  Zift solutions
Webrezpro 365villas


Who Do You Recommend?

Do you have a favourite Property Management Software system? Let us know in the comments below.



Some of the businesses above are Boostly partners and if you sign up to them via my link, it will help support the Boostly website and business. However that this does not disparage any of the information shown above. All of the views are from hospitality community members or system users.

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