Winning With Words Group Training


Struggling with getting direct bookings? Mark has something for you to help you get more direct bookings with this easy to follow guide to help you get more direct bookings.



Getting Started
In this product, Mark will teach you on how to do email marketing the right way to help you increase your direct bookings.

  • Day 1 – How to Setup Mailchimp – In this video, you will learn how to setup mailchimp the right way.
  • Day 2 – How to Grow your Email List with Two Simple Methodsย  – This will help you to increase your email list the right way without being spammy or without annoying anyone.
  • Day 3 – Email Template to Send – You will have the email template to send that will surely increase your direct bookings.
  • Day 4 – People to Send the Emails – On this video, you will learn who to send the email template that you got from Mark and you are guaranteed to receive a positive feedback and have a direct bookings on your way.


How Does It Work

When you click the purchase button, head over to your emails and there will be an exclusive link for you to access the guide. Please make sure you check your Junk/Spam folder as sometimes these cheeky email providers put my links into there. Once you get access, you will then be able to consume all the videos in your own time. The one bit of advice I have for you is to not try and consume all the videos at once. Watch one and then do. I have seen so many people try and do it all at once, get overwhelmed and then stop. if you have questions, please get in touchย