Templates Designed To Boost Your Bookings


Email templates that boosts your bookings and improve your hospitality business as well

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Getting started

Inside this package are six email templates that will surely help you boost your bookings and will help your business improve as well.

  • Review Response Template – Complaint handling. Complaint handling is one of the biggest fails I see when it comes to the hospitality business and with this email template to boost your bookings, you can then confidently send a response to any complaints about your business without worrying about making them anger furthermore.
  • Getting a Guest Referral – In need of a new bookings? Try getting a new bookings from your previous guest with this powerful email template. This simple template but will surely increase your bookings that works almost 100%. With this template, you can get lots of guest referrals from your past clients that would help you boost your bookings.
  • About Us Page Template – With this email template, it will help to identify what makes interesting, engaging copy on your our properties ‘About Page’ which will tell them a little bit about yourself while creating the experience of staying at your property even before they get there. Learn about what you should be putting on your About Page that will surely help boost your bookings.
  • Email to Send to People After Subscribing – This template will help you introduce your business to your newly subscribed potential guests that are interested on your business. This will help you to communicate smoothly with them that will end up boosting your bookings if done correctly.
  • Email Swipe File – An email template that focuses on PMS. This will help you build up your emails before and after the guests stays on your property. This is very helpful especially when done correctly thus with this email template, you don’t have to worry anymore about doing it wrong with this easy and helpful guide of making your own email template.
  • Email to Send to Past Guests – A template that you can send to your guests after 6 months + of stay. This template has been carefully put up to help boost your bookings after sending an email to your past guests by doing it correctly. Contacting your past guest is a proven method but when done horribly wrong, it could lead to a bad reputation thus you will need such template like this in order to know things that you must avoid and things you should be doing instead.

How Does It Work

When you click the purchase button, head over to your emails and there will be an exclusive link for you to access the guide. Please make sure you check your Junk/Spam folder as sometimes these cheeky email providers put my links into there. Once you get access, you will then be able to consume all the videos in your own time. The one bit of advice I have for you is to not try and consume all the videos at once. Watch one and then do. I have seen so many people try and do it all at once, get overwhelmed and then stop. if you have questions, please get in touch mark@boostly.co.uk