DIY Website + Academy

£9.99 / month and a £999.00 sign-up fee



Boostly DIY Website + Academy is the most popular website setup that helps in increasing your direct bookings. It is the complete Boostly package which includes marketing training.

You get your site that will help increase your direct bookings, you will also get to enjoy the courses from Boostly Academy in order to boost direct bookings.

With the ready to go DIY website and training courses in Boostly Academy, you will surely have a huge boost in your direct bookings.

How will Boostly Academy help your direct bookings?

  • NEVER having to depend on OTA’S or 3rd party booking websites again to hit your occupancy targets. Meaning no more sleepless nights stressing if you’ll fill your rooms.
  • Doubling your direct bookings (at least) at your property in 2019.
  • Slashing commission costs you grudgingly fork out every month.
  • More FREE TIME, to enjoy how YOU please by boosting your bottom line giving you the option to take on extra staff. (Instead of running yourself ragged for the next 5 years)
  • Climb the ladder on review sites and stand out in your area as one of the top places to stay.
  • Stay ahead of the ever-increasing competition, so next year occupancy numbers will never be in doubt.
  • Knowing you’ve a proven marketing strategy in place for a profitable business which you can sell on, pass down to your children or generously fund your retirement.
  • Being in full control of every aspect of your business and never needing to depend on others again.


A Boostly Website and Boostly Academy is everything you will ever need to boost your Direct Bookings.


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