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[PRESS] Scrap the monopoly on the guest booking experience on Hospitality Day

Boostly and Hostaway offer full-functionality WordPress websites powered by a live booking engine for short-term property owners.

UNITED KINGDOM | CANADA – The short-term rental industry’s fastest growing companies have partnered to offer Boostly’s renowned WordPress websites combined with Hostaway’s vacation rental management software – an innovation on Hospitality Day.

The partnership smartly connects Hostaway’s vacation rental management software and PMS with Boostly’s renowned WordPress websites due to the power of API (application programming interface) technology. The end benefit will not only be a smooth booking process for guests but also more money in the host’s or property owner’s pockets. 

Ultimately, these websites serve as a competitive replacement for OTAs (online travel agencies) – at a fraction of the cost. A smooth booking process for guests and more money in the short-term rental host’s pockets. 

Guests can now enjoy an undisturbed booking experience on a WordPress website without needing to visit a third-party platform or OTA (e.g. Booking.com). 

Is this the end of the short-term rental industry’s reliance on OTAs?

The collaboration between Hostaway and Boostly aims to drive real long-term change for the STR industry and place the ‘Book Direct Movement’ at the heart of booking processes. More direct bookings on Hospitality Day would be a welcome boon for an industry crucified by the consequences of Covid-19.

On-board with Boostly’s mantra of turning ‘more lookers into bookers’, Hostaway is delighted to offer members Boostly’s intelligent solution through their marketplace. To make things more exciting, it should be noted this is the first time the full functionality of WordPress, as well as Boostly’s marketing expertise, is offered in partnership with Hostaway.

Hostaway became a Preferred Partner of Airbnb in September. The vacation rental software equips ambitious property managers across the world with tools, integrations and award-winning customer support to grow their business. The software provides users with all-in-one management of marketing, sales, accounting, reporting, payment and guest communication. 

Boostly offers a WordPress solution (powering 61% of websites in the short-term rental industry) alongside Hostaway’s software and channel manager  – it will sync live booking rates, live booking availability, as well as live property information onto just one, direct platform. 

Marcus Rader, CEO and Co-founder of Hostaway, says: 

Boostly offers our customers solid converting websites to ensure our property managers are successful. They are well aligned with our core mantra – our customers’ success is our success!

Until now, hosts had only been able to list properties on third-party platforms such as Airbnb, Vrbo and the Booking Holidays group, or use a software add-on. These solutions are neither smooth nor efficient for website hosts, and generally provide a laboured booking experience for guests. 

But with credit to Boostly, WordPress websites can now be powered-by live booking engines – marking this partnership as revolutionary for the STR industry.

Boostly Founder Mark Simpson says innovation is key to the ‘Book Direct’ Movement:

The goal is always to turn more lookers into bookers – and this is exactly what we’re doing by partnering with Hostaway. The company already boasts seamless software; by integrating with Boostly’s WordPress websites, Hostaway will provide a bonafide solution for all their members.

Not only will these websites guarantee more direct bookings, it’ll make the booking process much simpler – which is exactly what we collectively want for the industry, as well as VISIBILITY for smaller STR business owners, in a noisy world, dominated by OTAs. 

Here’s to more efficiently, profitability, and ethical business – what could be more exciting?

To date, Boostly has built over 600 WordPress websites and helped over 1000 property owners generate more direct bookings, as the only accredited training company in the short-term rental industry. By joining forces with Simpson’s team, Hostaway expects to present a website offering so compelling it’ll draw in members keen to gain more control, as well as greater (and well-earned) profits for the short-term rental industry.

Following what’s been an uncertain few months for the industry, the news of this partnership could not come at a more befitting time on Hospitality Day. Thanks to these pioneering market leaders, technology will take the STR world by storm.


About Boostly

Boostly gives Hospitality Owners the Tools, Tactics, Knowledge and Confidence to go and increase their Direct Bookings. Boostly was founded with the sole purpose of getting ‘heads on beds’ and giving our members 100% control of their own business with direct bookings. Boostly provides a platform and resources where hosts can learn practical marketing tactics that are easy to action straight away. The Boostly Academy is the leading CPD accredited Hospitality Training Portal in the world, created by hospitality professionals for hospitality professionals. 

Boostly Website Design has over 600 clients from around the world. Boostly clients see a record number of direct bookings and increased profit margins. 

For more information, visit: www.boostly.co.uk 

Contact: Mark Simpson

Boostly Founder | [email protected]

About Hostaway

Hostaway is a unique all-in-one vacation rental software for ambitious property managers. Built from technology expertise, it offers deep channel integrations with premium partners such as VRBO, Booking.com and Airbnb and a marketplace of over 100 software partners. Hostaway’s award-winning customer support helps users scale up their businesses through managing marketing, sales, accounting, reporting, payment and communication all in one place. 

Hostaway is also the largest marketplace for vacation rental software and tools. The Marketplace features over 100 solutions and our team can recommend you solutions to every imaginable problem. Hostaway is privately owned and funded by a comprehensive network of VC’s and entrepreneurs.

“We are solutions-oriented and our partners Airbnb, Vrbo and Booking.com recognize this by awarding us preferred and premier statuses. The secret to our, and our customers' success is our values.”

For more information, visit: https://www.hostaway.com/

Contact: Laura Bolton

Hostaway PR Manager | [email protected] 

About National Hospitality Day 

A nationwide celebration of our brilliant and resilient hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars and foodservice outlets, and the suppliers that support them. It will be a showcase of all that’s great about UK hospitality; a collective shout-out for the places we’ve all missed; and a financial shot in the arm for a sector that’s been hit hardest by Covid. And it will provide a chance for the country to say “welcome back, we’ve missed you” by supporting its favourite places.

More information: https://www.ukhospitality.org.uk/events 

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