Podcast Research- Stages of the Booking Process

In this episode of our podcast, we are talking about the second stage of the booking process: research. We are going to go into what exactly a guest looks for when they search for a property, and then we will make sure that your place is the property they click on.


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The guest has done their Google search. They have gone onto one of the many listing sites that are out there, and they are looking for properties. This is where your photos are key. If your first image on these sites is not representative of your property, then you won’t get the booking. Make sure that your UPS (Unique Selling Point) appears in your main image. For example, if you’re pet-friendly, you could display a cool exterior shot of dogs running around your property. The key is to make sure you catch the guest’s attention. The standard exterior shot has no appeal. You have to disrupt their expectations and draw them towards you. Images are one of the most important parts of a guest’s research process, so update those images and make sure they’re current and eye-catching.


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Secondly, make sure that descriptions of your amenities are accurate. On the OTA website, you can list exactly which facilities you have, such as parking, a bar, or breakfast. Every room should be described properly and in detail. For example, when listing a room where you can add an extra bed, make sure to put the details and costs in the description. Remember, the guest has lots of options, so you need to stand out. This goes for your website too. Make sure your features are all prominent on your homepage. If you don’t describe your property in detail, you will lose the guest.


If you haven’t got a UPS, go and get one! The reason people stay with independent hospitalities is that they want an experience that is a little bit different. Your USP could be as simple as a really good breakfast. Focus on it and try to separate yourself from the crowd.



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