Pet-Friendly Hosts Will See an Increase in bookings over the next year

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 152. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about how pet-friendly hosts will see an increase in bookings over the next year.

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Welcome back to the Boostly podcast. And there's a stat that's just come out, which is really interesting. And it's around pet-friendly properties. So the stat that came out is that over the next year, you are likely to see a 6% increase in bookings if you offer pet-friendly accommodation compared to those that don't. This is a big trend that has come out of the pandemic. This is a big trend it's on the other side is that you are more likely now to have your future potential guests want to take their pet away with this could be for a number of reasons.

Number one, the number of people who adopted pets or bought pets during the pandemic obviously increased massively. So you know what they're going to do now post-pandemic, but also as well. hosts, our guests are more likely to take their pet away with them.

What you should do

So what you should be doing really dial down on your customer avatar, your ideal guest portfolio profile, etc. And if that includes the pet-friendly audience, what are you doing in your properties to show that you are pet friendly? For example? are you providing pet bowls with a pet bed? are you providing pet food? A doggie tree? Is there something cool and quirky that you could be doing? How is your marketing attuned to this. Prime example. Go and check out the bike and boot. It's a hotel in Scarborough, it was open just before the pandemic. And I've got to know the person who's helping on the market and in order to know it really well over the last few years and she's moved to this business and it's fantastic new, very, very, very, very, very quickly into the discovery process of the property. You know that it is pet friendly, just going to show just gonna have a look at what they are doing. So it's the bike and boot in Scarborough go check out bike and boot in Scarborough. And you will instantly know from looking at their Instagram and their social media and their website, they're very much pet friendly.

So, again, that stat is really important and really intriguing. 6% More Bookings. And again, 6% may not be the biggest indicator for you. But for some of you, it may be a massive mover it could be the result in maybe five figures in your business, which is, which is obviously massive and huge. So definitely want to pay attention to, shout out to anybody that is pet friendly. And again, I pass this conversation to you as I like to do so. Are you pet friendly? Have you noticed that More Bookings and more requests have coming in for 2021, maybe into 2022, that are requesting their pet? And what are you doing to promote that you are pet friendly, please leave a comment below.

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