Now is the time to take control!

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 111. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about taking control.

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Okay, so here we go, we are in the final day of the free training I've been doing. And today is, if you're looking at action, this is the letter N, which stands for now is the time. So this is the time that I'm going to be saying to host, you are now going to go into the wide world, you're gonna take on the training that you've learned over the course of the past week, and you are going to keep going into practice. So don't stop analyzing your business, don't stop trying to tweak and, and perfect your customer avatar, don't stop figuring out where you can carve out more time into your business where you can start being more proactive and not working in the business, but you can work on the business. How can you make a business instagrammable, operation bookings and then just keeping it all going.

The key to taking control

For all the hosts that took part in the training tonight is our wrap up call. We're giving away some prizes, we're going to be debrief and everything sharing your wins. And I love this days, my favorite day, so please make sure you come. I may even stream that live to the rest of the world. But we'll see how I'll decide later on this evening.

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