My Number 1 VRBO Ranking Tip

Welcome to Boostly Podcast Season 11 Episode 53. This is a recap of my Facebook live where I talked about my number 1 VRBO ranking tip.

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Today I'm going to be sharing with you another channel that has popped up and gotten even more popular over the course of what I'd say the last 18 months is VRBO. VRBO used to be obviously HomeAway. And all of those things before they've now settled on their name VRBO and is starting to get a little bit of traction. So for those of you that don't know. VRBO is part of the Expedia group. And it says if you think of Expedia, you think of hotels. And if you were to go to the Expedia group, you will see that they own lots of different chains and brands and whatnot. Don't be shocked to hear this because do the same with the book and holidays group. But VRBO is part of the Expedia group, and it is experience way of getting into the vacation rentals. And it is a platform that is just like any other listing site.

My number 1 VRBO tip

And the number one tip that I will give to anybody when it comes to listing sites is to make your listing sticky. That is the whole thing whether you want to get ranked higher in the Airbnb algorithms or algorithms and you know, the VRBO algorithms just make your listing sticky. Now what do I mean by that your pictures are going to be everything. Just like with Airbnb, just like with your pictures are key. So please do not cheap out on your photography, get a professional, get proper pictures done, get them properly edited, and just make them stand out.

You want to really make sure that your property is appealing to your niche. So the cool thing about these listing sites is that you can upgrade and update them at any point, you should never be setting and forgetting your list, you should be looking to update them for the season. So what do I mean by that? Those of you that are watching this in popular ski or winter locations, obviously it's not snow all year round. You've done this for years. So you've got ski in the winter, and you've got summer, obviously it's more hiking etc. So you're very used to swapping out your pitches, but that doesn't mean that people in say cities or whatnot can do this as well. So in the summer, you're going to show more lighter, more brighter pitches. And maybe in the winter, you're going to look and go for the more heavy sort of feel Snuggie warm cozy, etc. you know obviously November time is really good to put up a Christmas tree etc get those pages up. So the picture tells everything and those of you who regularly keep an updated will those of you that are really narrow down on your niche, who you appealing to will get the viewers so how do you make it sticky is a see your image the first image the USP – Unique Selling photo is that first image that sucks the guest in makes them click on come on to your listing, not along give you can get somebody to sit on your listing to look at more pitches, maybe read your images, etc. Maybe save you as a favorite.

So this is a really cool Airbnb hack if you can get somebody to save you on the shortlist, that is Airbnb is a way of going, Oh, hang on a second, this is a popular one. So again, the more times you can get added to a shortlist on Airbnb, then the more times you'll start to appear in the search rankings, etc. But it's the same with VRBO, get people to stick on your listing. And that click through to then the next step is all important.

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